By FlyingWhisps - 27/09/2011 23:33 - United States

Today, my grandparents came to visit. So far, they have called me fat, bragged about how my cousin is better than me, and told me how I'm not good enough for them. It's OK though, they gave me a pretzel from the airline and a textbook on physics. In another language. FML
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fart on their pillows... Butt naked.


Lol, they are already on a run, may as well give them the runs too..

Joshoa123 16

Nothing says revenge like a retirement home.

Give em sleeping pills, and while they're knocked out, install a mirror maze throughout the house.

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Listen to 48 OP. Confussed old people are so funny

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Give Grandpa Viagra and Grandma roofies. Even though you are a pig and a disappointment, your grandparents will somehow remember that visiting you was awesome!!!

56, grandpa will. According to the hangover, grandma won't remember a thing! Except for the fact that she will probably have a sore vag and ass.

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Dress up as the grim reaper and knock on their window O____O


At least you didn't get nothing.

Your conment didn't not have a grammatical error

Could have said 'at least you got something' but the double negative amounts to the same thing, I guess..

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Don't take it personally, most grandparents are cynical like that.


Im sorry for not reading over my comment. I would have to agree that it sounds very repetitive.

#68- Most grandparents?? I don't know about you, but I absolutely love my grandparents and all my friends love theirs...

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Yea at least you got a pretzel and a... paperweight? Learn to ignore people when they talk to you, it will save you from a lot of headaches.

The ones that care the most are the ones that bag on you the most

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fart on their pillows... Butt naked.

Yoda, he's not. The most spiritual, yoda is, young padawan. Must look for yoda, for guidance, is the key. Such a nerd, I am.

Physics in a language other than English, eh? для каждого действия есть равная и противоположная реакция (From Google translate, so there's a high possibility it ****** up).

"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" Badda bing, badda boom. I love Russian. Comrade

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# 9 well done, mr. Google Translate ;)

I can just imagine a Soviet era Russian physics textbook. "Communist actions have no equals. Any reactions will be sent to the gulag for re-education. Weak Capitalist actions have no effect."

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Well they aren't seeing their great grandkids. Like ever.

I will send you a cake if you give me the physics book. To be honest, I think I could hand it to a lot of my tutor students and they wouldn't know the difference. Besides, as long as you get some money from them, their deaths just became TOTALLY WORTH IT!

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I sympatize with you op. My parents (mom and stepdad) brag about my cousin to and claim she's way better than me. Good thing they dont know i'm bi, or they'll disown me. FYL for having shit relative's.

I feel both of your pains. I'm always compared to my cousin. All her classes are APs. **** comparison

Having AP classes does not necessarily establish ones intelligence. You could be smarter than her, but more indolent.