My body hates me

By HappilyNeverAfter - 18/09/2014 03:14 - Canada - Port Perry

Today, a guy asked me out, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I soon realized that it wasn't butterflies, but an unexpected bowel movement. I stood there awkwardly, looking him in the eyes, then farted hard. FML
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I hope she did. It'd definitely be a unique "how we met" story to tell their kids if they ended up together for the long haul.

If he still takes you out, you have a keeper. Cheer up op.

Aww it's okay!! It's NATURAL! Happens all the time to me ;)

You always fart when you meet a potential date? Or are you just saying that you fart all the time?

But the big thing is, did he still want to go out with you?

Or maybe, u just ate a butterfly before he talked to u so u did actually had a butterfly in ur stomach...which eventually got digested and caused the bowel sickness.......

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my sympathies for that seizure you just had, 8.

My sympathies with you for trying to be the sensible one on FML website... Maybe your compensating for being a blonde..

I wouldn't say seizure..... More along the lines of just talking out of his ass.

Wow, it's not like other comments are any better....

@31 I love when someone's picture matches their comment perfectly ^-^

Guess you really took his breath away, OP.