By Oops - 23/05/2010 09:21 - Australia

Today, while out with my boyfriend I accidentally let out a rather large fart. I was in such shock the only sentence I could make was "I farted." Clearly he was in shock too because the only words he could utter were "I know." FML
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I don't know if you deserve it or if your life sucks.......

so what farts are normal bodily functions

Omg you farted you sick son of a bitch! the **** is wrong with you??? don't tell me you poop too! ugh this is just too much!!!

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just blame it on the person next to you

the OP must be only 11 years old. you're too young for a boyfriend.

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So, at which point did you time travel back from the Victorian era?

people fart, if this affects your relationship in the long term then you are probably 12

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*hits the 'so what' button* EVERYONE FARTS!

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haha that'd be really awkward but from the outside perspective that's really really funny

Okay that just made me laugh. Haha sucks op but it's not a big of a deal.

U guys r matchable each other, congratulations. :)

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hahaha this made me laugh so much xD cuz yuu both kinda embarrassed yerselves just from shock.. ohhmiigod.. I got this cartoon image goin in my head

wow...seriously? get over it, and learn to laugh at yourself.

I farted once, then I went emo for a couple of weeks. It was horrifying I can't imagine how much of a life changer it is in front of someone of the opposite sex:0

Oh look!! Another ''I farted in front of my boyfriend'' FML. Your life is ******. Might as well just kill yourself now..

yes, farting is normal, but that would still be embarrassing. why would you fart next to someone anyways? that's disgusting. no wonder most of you are single, you just fart in your boyfriends face? why, do you think farts smell good or something? wow, you guys are the ones who would clog a toilet and use your hands to unclog it. it's just your natural excretion, right? there's nothing wrong with that!

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if my girlfriend ripped ass I'd laugh haha

*shocked face* ''I know'' LOL made my day

Wow, your life is ****** because you farted...

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hahahaha thats funny lmao 

regardless of it being a natural thing im pretty sure all of you commenting would be pretty embarrased if you farted in front of someone you liked or were dating. yeah you'll get over it but dang i would be embarrased too!

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He's going to hear you fart eventually. Might as well get it out of the way. :P

hahahahahahhaha omg I actually laughed out loud, I can just imagine the akward moment in my head, hahahahahahhaha ah I have tears, good work op, not quite an fml but pretty funny none the less. :D

i dont get why people get so embaresed about a fart... seriously grow up your not 9 anymore

This is soo funny! But still uber embarassing! haha he was like I know ... I smelled it. I wonder what it smelled like. hmm...

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You are a terrible person, OP. If my girlfriend ever farted I'd donkey punch the bitch. And for those women saying their man doesn't fart around them: stop being a controlling bitch. Your man should fart about once every ten minutes if you're feeding him properly. Yeah, that's right: get to work.

wow... seriously? get over yourself and learn how to not be such a bitch. maybe she was embarrassed?

No, we don't fart. We don't poop either. :) hahaha

Actually, it's not much of a bodily function. Bacteria that helps digest food releases gas while digesting food. The only thing the body does is it moves the gas through and out the body. So, OP, blame it on the bacteria ;)

sigh, u just ruined 20 peoples lives you scientific bastard

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I totally agree. this made my night!

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bbailey19 you rock && made me laugh hardd LOL

bbailey, your picture and that comment go together much too well xD

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yeah piinkbunnii I laughed so hard that I farted. to your moms face (she was giving me a rimjob) ;)

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dude I just laughed so hard at your picture I started crying

Sounds like you two were made for each other.

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Awkward silence ensues......

Haa the irresistible and sudden urge of human nature lol

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I think he took it pretty well. At least he didn't respond with a, "what the f was that you disgusting bitch!" lmao! but I guess he knows it's all natural. :)

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#11, I think you missed the whole point of the fml... Grow the **** up ^^

#11 doesn't need to grow up so what if they thought it was funny, so did half of the other commenters, I think you're the one that needs to grow up because you can't keep your rude comments to yourself.

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Umm isn't the whole point of fml is to laugh at other peoples stories. Don't be so uptight about other people laughing. If you don't find it funny then that's fine, but you have to tell other people to grow up just because they thought something was funny.