By Oops - Australia
Today, while out with my boyfriend I accidentally let out a rather large fart. I was in such shock the only sentence I could make was "I farted." Clearly he was in shock too because the only words he could utter were "I know." FML
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yes, farting is normal, but that would still be embarrassing. why would you fart next to someone anyways? that's disgusting. no wonder most of you are single, you just fart in your boyfriends face? why, do you think farts smell good or something? wow, you guys are the ones who would clog a toilet and use your hands to unclog it. it's just your natural excretion, right? there's nothing wrong with that!

  deathcab7  |  0

regardless of it being a natural thing im pretty sure all of you commenting would be pretty embarrased if you farted in front of someone you liked or were dating. yeah you'll get over it but dang i would be embarrased too!

  n_maher  |  0

hahahahahahhaha omg I actually laughed out loud, I can just imagine the akward moment in my head, hahahahahahhaha ah I have tears, good work op, not quite an fml but pretty funny none the less. :D

  siege_2  |  1

You are a terrible person, OP. If my girlfriend ever farted I'd donkey punch the bitch.

And for those women saying their man doesn't fart around them: stop being a controlling bitch. Your man should fart about once every ten minutes if you're feeding him properly. Yeah, that's right: get to work.

  the101dan  |  0

Actually, it's not much of a bodily function. Bacteria that helps digest food releases gas while digesting food. The only thing the body does is it moves the gas through and out the body. So, OP, blame it on the bacteria ;)

  summersizzle  |  0

#11 doesn't need to grow up so what if they thought it was funny, so did half of the other commenters, I think you're the one that needs to grow up because you can't keep your rude comments to yourself.

  MollyCookies  |  0

Umm isn't the whole point of fml is to laugh at other peoples stories. Don't be so uptight about other people laughing. If you don't find it funny then that's fine, but you have to tell other people to grow up just because they thought something was funny.