By notthatkinkyanyway - 13/11/2011 12:46 - China

Today, I'm on holiday with my boyfriend. Going through Chinese customs, an officer pulled us aside, removed a suspicious metal object from my boyfriend's luggage and called six other officers to have a look. It was a kinky pair of handcuffs. FML
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Imagine what they did if they confiscated it.


leadman1989 15

Just had to be FIRST huh?

KiddNYC1O 20

GTFO, 1.

Damn_Hippster 11

Could be worst, it could have been a kinky bomb.

oh gosh, you're a little too excited.... I bet that turns you on.

1, people like you make me want to slam your head into an oven.

rallets 22


saIty 17

As long we're making faces: :O + :P = 69

I don't know why everyones complaining about 1. His comment actually goes with the FML. Back on topic, it probably wasn't smart bringing a metal object there.

kevsnev 7

Is Peter Chao your boyfriend?

sky22_fml 7

Violent much? lol

Imagine what they did if they confiscated it.

leadman1989 15

Categorize and store it in it's proper place until disposal? :D

You know one of them will end up handcuffing themselves to something...

I would've passed it off as just handcuffs... Unless it was lined in pink frilly fluff ;D

I'd say I'm an undercover stripper cop .

todethepandaXD 2

"hello fellow officer I was just about to arrest this man for being a naughty boy" ;D

xosportsgirl14x 8

Thumb up this comment if you're sick of full page ads on the FML app... Also, OP, that must have been humiliating.

1123nic 0

On the bright side OP, at least you were gonna get it in. I mean, when is that not a good thing? :D haha

Keyman's ripped and hot....

Who else but Quagmire?!

Peters friend Quagmire says that all the time! Oh how it gets on my nerves!

I'm sorry but there's one thing I must say. Holy shit nobody gives a fuck about that fucking chef game we are all here to laugh at peoples misery. Thank you and sorry for straying off topic.

EvilPotato don't apologize for stating the truth, the ad is annoying as hell.

Bekaah13 0

Don't we all have a pair?(;

That's a shitty situasian

NotAPedo 0

I always keep a pair on me ...size extra small.

#118 is that so you can 'handcuff' your dick?

flockz 19

"don't mind the gag either officer."

Oh and officer that isn't a flashlight

no that's not the kind you wear around your neck...

This one requires a week of training before use

they're just jealous.

EvilCupcake8361 9

haha be lucky he didn't ask to join


leadman1989 15

Me love you long time...

crazyrunnergirl 7

And this would be one of those stories people say that you'll laugh at years later yet you never end up laughing at

You used the wrong form of "weather" in your profile

NotAPedo 0

You also used "to" incorrectly. It's " me too," not " me to." Oh, and by the way... Who let you out of the kitchen?

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In addition to my previous comment, you misspelled "kindergarten." It's not "kindergarden." ...according to my restriction papers...

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You misspelled "kinkergarten". It's not "kindergarten". According to my restriction papers :)

It took 6 officers to identify what a pair of handcuffs looks like? Should have shown the first one how they are used to save time.

He probably called the other officers so they would all get a kick out of it.