By KittKatt - 20/05/2015 05:34 - United States - Lehighton

Today, my brother changed my Google+ name without asking. He has done this before and I fixed it by just changing it back. Turns out Google has a 3-time limit per year for how many times you can change your name. Now I'm stuck with "Poop" for my YouTube name for a year. FML
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Why don't you change your password so he doesn't know it

Zwerik 31

This is reason number 27 to hate Google+


Oh, poop! This sucks! Time to get a second account in the meantime.

Agreed. If I was OP, I wouldn't put up with this crap.

why does everyone complain about their stupid comments being downvoted

He might not have to get a second account. I'm guessing if he sends an email to support, he can explain the situation and have them change it back to the right name just one more time.

Why didn't OP just change the password so OP'S brother couldn't keep changing the name? I would of changed my password after he did it the first time to stop him from doing it.

my brother changed my YouTube name to "waffle house warrior" when I was in middle school and I was so embarrassed. Now that I'm older I realize it's an awesome name and haven't changed it.

Actually, how about you change your name to something else, and then again, and change it back at the beginning of next year so it can't be changed again?


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Why don't you change your password so he doesn't know it

Automatic login is my first thought, guess this is a YDI since OP didn't take any preventative measures knowing this could happen.

I just said the same thing and even if OP had it on automatic sign in he could of changed the setting so that it didn't keep signing him in without his password and if his brother had his password then he should of changed it, but I guess OP didn't learn after the first two times his brother did it to him.

No you still couldn't change the password, even if he was automatically logged in. You have to enter your regular password before changing it. I'm guessing his brother knew the answers to all the security questions, or was at least able to find out the answers.

Zwerik 31

This is reason number 27 to hate Google+

JustinJK 21

See what I don't understand is, why the **** is this even a thing? Why can you only change your name 3 times a year? I don't see that logic behind that. **** Google +

Reason #27: Poor security habits. Also doubles as a reason to hate identity theft and being part of a botnet.

Well for one, them shoving it in your face. All you have to do is have a Youtube account or basic Google account and now you're suddenly finding yourself in a social site.

Zwerik 31

I was in a rush, I didn't find the time to do the math. xD

CharlesEmersonW 31

Well... you know how little brothers can be... assuming he is your little brother, cause if it's the other way around or he is past his 20s and is still into these kind of gags then that's just not good. Anyway, you can go an get a new youtube account or something, no biggy.

How does he get into your account in the first place? Lock your computer when you walk away from it.

Agree #5. Setting up pin numbers to block out people from seeing your stuff is easy. I have to say op deserved it since it happened before and she did nothing to lock it up. Of corse I don't completely know the full story.

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I feel like that's probably a real thing but I feel like I shouldn't check if it's a real thing. I'd rather shit this one out.

"I've got the poo on me" * Joe Dirt voice

Change his account names if he has any/if you know the password(s)

Just because his brother was a shitty brother doesn't mean he should do the same.

Im sorry for you, also have you tried contacting support? If not try that i hope he could atleast sympathise and change your username

Ydi be responsible and change your passwords poop!