By Anonymous - 17/01/2012 03:19 - United States

Today, my wife posted on Facebook, "FUCK THA POLICE!" She got 40 likes. I'm a police officer. FML
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Cuff her and play out what she said's a sign. Maybe...could be.


Cshoc16 0

FIRST's a sign. Maybe...could be.

It's a sign that she wants to get intimate with her husband, that's what it is.

she must play a lot of grand theft auto too

or possibly a hangover 2 reference.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

It's true... FUCK THA SYSTEM! Nah, just kidding, OP. That was funny though. FYL?

Just a kinky way of letting the public know she got laid last night.

give her the electric chair

then fuck you OP. jk, FYL man...

iLOLatURpain69 7

Dumbasses, this is a NWA song.

We don't use the electric chair anymore. We use lethal injections.

angry_anonymous 5

OPs wife wants to GET. IT. IN. and she wants all her friends to know

does she come straight from the underground?

yep, no one ever said it before the hangover 2. btw, icp fucking sucks

She wants your dick easy

mikekaz1 1

It's not icp retard its nwa

there was some bitch on here named juggalette that was directed to her

Technically she does "fuck" the police.

camjamiam 0

isnt that in your benefit?

RochelleRedvines 8

I'm sure she fucks you all the time. Have a nice marriage :)

Well, maybe you should let her...

You should've commented something like "you already do." that would've racked up the likes

Ugh. I hate when people say fuck the police. Don't just fuck the police. Take the police on a couple dates. Take the police on a stroll through the park. Feed the police delicious food. Show the police a good time. Then fuck the police.

Oh so very clever

godisnowhere41 5

I guess You have a waiting list of people who want to fuck you, I wouldn't complain too quickly.

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton, 1988.

Druu 53

She does indeed want to fuck the police.

Haha that's kinda funny though

xSonic 9

Not really though

She did it for the lulz.

What's the matter? She's clearly expressing the behavior she exhibits towards police officers! Dress up in your blue uniform and slap some double wrist jewelry on her hands, I guarantee you she'll be hotter than a polar bear in Al Gore's 'An inconvenient truth'!

Nahh c'mon police deserve respect.

29 - Ba dum tschhh... *whistling cricket*

Haha! If you thought that was funny, then you'll love my new stand-up routine, "Trying"! New York times raves: "How long is this?" The Chronicle states: "Where is the bathroom?" And the Washington post said: "It's so sad that I'm now laughing!"

She did it for the nookie

You should comment "THE POLICE IS F*CKING YOU"

My thoughts exactly.

Cuff her and play out what she said

slushpup9696 12

op should just comment, "Is that an offer?" and see where it takes him

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

"honey, do you mind if I bring the guys from the precinct?"

haha my boyfriend is going to be an officer.. I'm totally gonna make it my status!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

She probably did it to see your reaction. Don't dwell on it. If it gets worse.. Well you have a taser gun.

GoW_Chick 14

Taser gun really? Sounds like one kinky night to me...

RedPillSucks 31

All that bucking and shuddering. Such a turn-on.

Supportive wife :)

Are you really from Australia

She does. Doesn't she?

They're married, so probably not.

Probably not, RechargedCoconut. She was probably trying to give him a hint. ;)

Just make sure that all your money,possessions are safe&your sack in the night.

Maybe she wanted to fuck a cop. Get back in there and do your thing.

RawrzIIshScareh 0

You got yourself a keeper :)