By vanilla_blossom - 05/01/2016 18:49 - United States - Jackson

Today, I tried asking a guy I like on a date. He turned me down, saying that I "seem like a nice person and all", but after seeing those reality shows on truTV, he "would rather not date a Russian. No offense, though." FML
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I hope you were Russian away from him fast, what an asshole you deserve better

You're definitely better off having not dated such a discriminatory asshole.


What's the issue with dating a Russian? His loss

But it's TRU TV.... Therefore whatever he sees on that channel is obviously true. Moron It must also mean all Russians are the exact same way

The only thing I've seen of Russia on Tru TV is some seriously bad driving/accidents on camera... So that can't be it

OP, are you even Russian? IF you are, how did he know? Also, obviously, he's an ass and you deserve better.

Shartie 16

In soviet Russia, relationship break up you.

You don't want to date someone that close minded anyway!

His loss if he doesn't understand the concept of a tv show

I think dramas and sci-fi shows are probably closer to reality that 'reality' shows are

Even Syfy shows are closer to reality than reality shows.

You're definitely better off having not dated such a discriminatory asshole.

I hope you were Russian away from him fast, what an asshole you deserve better

PePziNL 20

Yeah his manners dont seem so Polish-ed

Maybe you should encourage him to Czech out what real Russians do?

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Denmark that guy off the list of people you'd like to date.

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Seems you'll easliy be able to Cope-nhagen over the loss of this asshole

as someone who haant seen shows on TruTv, what happens on them?

Since Catfish is on MTV – seriously, whatever happened to the M in MTV? – I don't think I know which show OP is talking about.

He sounds like a racist idiot. Seems like you dodged a bullet

Russian isn't a race. It's a nationality

Mathalamus 24

there's no term for being against a certain nationality. so it defaults to racism.

...? No? Russians are still white, so, it's not exactly the same as the racist ways of someone who discriminates against Asians or black people.

@5 Kindly explain in biological terms what is a race then? When you fail miserably we can laugh at how you managed to be wrong about the very thing you were being pedantic about.

Not racist, culturalist perhaps. I have a friend who says that Russians escape Russia by killing or *******... He's also a bit of a drug addict soooo... I wonder if OP had a Russian accent and if so what region? Some accents are so hot.

katachristic 19

@44 "Discriminatory" or "prejudiced" would've both been serviceable terms. People throw around words in the wrong context like nobody's business.

dannnngthatsux 19

If you are being judged solely by something you had no choice in the matter, ethnicity, birth location, orientation, it's bigotry, same thing. And people of European descent are discriminated too. Wife and I were in a restaurant operated by local family that happened to have African ancestry, incidental to us, we heard the food was good. We were nice, polite, patient and paid promptly. Then were handed a to go bag, not what we wanted, and told to LEAVE!

Looks like you dodged a douchey bullet there, OP. Keep your head up, their loss.