By UKRukus - United Kingdom - London
Today, I stopped a guy from running under a moving London bus. No-one else saw what happened. How did the guy thank me? He wanted to fight me because I made him miss the bus I just saved him from. FML
UKRukus tells us more :
It was not a routemaster. im a londoner too. i take risks crossing myself, but i know when you can do it, and when you cant. this guy didnt realise the bus was right behind him as he went to run out on the road. he wouldnt have made it. if he goes about catching buses like that every day, it defies science and logic as to how he is still alive.
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I think he seemed to think that he would've gotten around it in time or that the bus driver would've stopped or something. He obviously doesn't realize how close he was to death. You did the right thing op, it sounds like this guy was oblivious to how much danger he was actually in!