By nilssonfan - United States
  Today, I bought one of my favorite albums from when I was growing up. When I looked at the liner notes, I learned that my favorite song on the album wasn't about taking a bath, but about going to a brothel. My second-favorite isn't about moving, but about suicide. My childhood just shattered. FML
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  maphineRAWRS  |  10

I actually have a very, very dirty mind, for your information :p

howweverrr, you do too, cause if you didn't you wouldn't have realised you needed a dirty mind to get the "new meaning".
caught :)

  pokewolfey  |  6

Like shaggy's "it wasn't me" the line "...butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor." When I was a kid, I'd imagined two adults being naked, but banging their fists on the bathroom floor... I now understand .__.

That is depressing but I'm pretty sure just about every child or teen at some point went through that. I did! but I'm still 16 so that wasn't too long ago.. you'll be ok.. the past is the past :) move on