By nilssonfan - 17/11/2010 08:08 - United States

Today, I bought one of my favorite albums from when I was growing up. When I looked at the liner notes, I learned that my favorite song on the album wasn't about taking a bath, but about going to a brothel. My second-favorite isn't about moving, but about suicide. My childhood just shattered. FML
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it's funny how things are different when were older hey. like the play school song :|

Since the username says “nilssonfan”, I’m gonna guess she means “Bath” and “Without You” by Harry Nilsson.


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So just keep pretending?

am i the only one wondering why this is in the intimacy category? is the word "brothel" that naughty?

how the fuck is your childhood shattered?:L

pick a new song and get over it.

Why is this under the intimacy category? -.-

your childhood consisted of a music album?

Who is the artist

That's hilarious, sorry, OP.

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Omg looks like my cat

it's funny how things are different when were older hey. like the play school song :|

Josie, play-school song always sucked!

yeah but now "open wide, come inside" has a whole new meaning doesn't it :P

haha! touche

Nope? Unless you have a dirty mind? :p

I actually have a very, very dirty mind, for your information :p howweverrr, you do too, cause if you didn't you wouldn't have realised you needed a dirty mind to get the "new meaning". caught :)

my favorite one was basket case by green day. those lyrics weren't subtle but I never got it. I just liked the beginning.


what is the play school song?

Like shaggy's "it wasn't me" the line "...butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor." When I was a kid, I'd imagined two adults being naked, but banging their fists on the bathroom floor... I now understand .__.

Most of us on FML have dirty minds as well.

53, the opening theme to an Australian children's TV show.

That is depressing but I'm pretty sure just about every child or teen at some point went through that. I did! but I'm still 16 so that wasn't too long ago.. you'll be ok.. the past is the past :) move on

excatly don't let 1 thing ruin your life you have more life to experience

what's the album?

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WTF what cd is that???

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It's normal, I went through that stage only 2 years ago. Be happy you didn't stay that way.

Wtf are you talking about?

.. what songs? It could be worse!

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YDI for reading the lyrics! just kidding. well, oh well. your life will continue somehow I bet


what songs?