By soreloser - 20/05/2013 06:32 - United States - Manhattan

Today, I beat my extremely competitive friend in a game of pool. He responded by breaking a pool stick over my head. FML
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FYL OP. Your friend has some serious anger management issues.

zombieslayer83 19

Well, that's your que to break yours on their head.


FYL OP. Your friend has some serious anger management issues.

HowAreYouToday 34

Yeah. At least you didn't beat him in bowling.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10
Steve95401 49

At least he didn't ram the cue stick up your ass.

I'm glad your well enough to write this post OP. usually pool sticks are extremely durable...

zombieslayer83 19

Well, that's your que to break yours on their head.

#16 I found it quite amusing. No need to hate

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I think he meant to write "cue"

39-Yeah, and it would've been funnier had the right cue been given.

zombieslayer83 19

Yeah, leave it to a smart phone to make you look stupid.

It is a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

zombieslayer83 19

And a person who can't use tools to make that statement.

I use tools all the time. One fetches my coffee. Another pumps my gas. And a third, to whom I was briefly related, takes my lunch orders.

zombieslayer83 19

You misunderstood me. I meant like a man uses tools. Sorry, guess I wasn't clear.

SmittyJA24 26

I'll guess he's not gracious when he wins, either.

Sore winners suck. Sore losers, in this case at least, hurt.

Break one of the balls over his head.

erockinthesuburb 17

This reminds me of that scene in Boondock Saints, where they break into the contract killer's house and they end up killing him with the pool ball.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

I think that would be murder

The pool balls, not your own balls. That would be a whole different kind of revenge

And this asshole is your friend?? Tell him to **** off until he learns to grow up. :p

He may get even angrier and hurt OP more!:P But seriously OP, #5 is right... Tell him to piss off haha

GuessWhatKids 13

At least you didn't beat him in a game of baseball. I'd imagine having a metal bat broken over your head would suck balls.

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And likely cause cerebral hemorrhaging.

How do you figure cerebral damage? The cerebral cortex is located near the stem of your brain in the sub cortex area. Unless he swung at the back of the head and hit the right spot your actually most likely looking at damage to the parietal lobe/ frontal lobe.

#50 Get off of FML and get back to medical school.

RedPillSucks 31

What's with these people and their rage quits. Play to win, but if you can't deal with losing then don't play.

Then infinity ward whom makes call of duty series won't make much money!

Oh god tell me about it, I learned my lesson when I threw my controller at the wall and it bounced off and shmucked me in the head

If he's extremely competitive why didn't you let him win

zombieslayer83 19

What's the fun in playing then? His friend needs to grow the **** up and realize it's a game.

androiddestroya 7

But until then, OP should prepare for various concussions, it seems.

zombieslayer83 19

Well he deserves the concussions if he's dumb enough to play him again.

Which brings me to my first ******* comment

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Respond by grabbing him by the cuff of his shirt and throwing him out the window of the bar.

\ 28

Who caught the T2: Judgement Day reference?

Moral of the story, treat competitive people like you would a toddler and just let them win. What they don't know wont hurt them OR YOU.

Nope, beat them consistently and severely until they know they're your bitch.

That will never work. The person will find something else to beat you at and the cycle will start all over again. By playing this little cat and mouse game you will automatically be his bitch.

Oh, we're giving real advice here? My bad, let me start over: Get better friends or expect frequent trips to the hospital, because everything else is not worth the effort. Edit: Had to edit this really fast to make fun of the fact that you genuinely suggested you let childish people stay childish.