By 3Airwalk3 - Canada

Dishwasher issues

Today, I was washing a stainless steel pot at my kitchen job. Every time I pulled it out of the dishwasher and examined it for dirt, I saw something orange inside it. After 3 run-throughs, I realized it was just my shirt's reflection. FML
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By  Laurendorcus  |  0

Okay, I know everyone is talking shit, but I can totally understand how this happened. When I do dishes at home, I have to zone out and think of something else so I dont die of boredom. Maybe you had zoned out and had a hard time figuring out a common sense problem because of it. Been there, done that. :-)

  deng314  |  0

Well, atleast OP keeps a clean kitchen, but seriously, if it didn't come off after the first time in the dishwasher, why not just scrub it by hand instead of wasting a whole run of the dishwasher for one pot?? What a waste of time!


I am truely amazed at your stupidity... that is just sad... and how is this an FML? "oh no I ran the dishwasher three times, but in the end it turned out to be clean all along".... You suck

  Gumblebum100  |  0

okay seriously how does this fyl?? "Oh no!! I thought the reflection of my shirt was a stain in a pot!! I no longer have a reason to live!!" Yeah this is not FML worthy and neither are a bunch of these FMLs

  quikwit1212  |  0

Oh, that picture's you? I thought your wife was disgusting like that. By the way, I'm a guy, and I can't stand this treatment of women. Listen, guy, your wifes going to leave you for someone who appreciates her, and doesn't make her do all the work. You should share things like that evenly.

  babybubz  |  0

a strong woman is a single mother who does all those things herself.
why should a woman do it ALL when there's a man there to help?
I don't really cook and I don't see what the big deal is..
I hate doing it actually.
plus.. a man in the kitchen is sexy.
why should I slave myself doing something I hate all the time?
sharing responsibilities is normal.
he cooks..
I wash the dishes.
it's a partnership for a reason.

  ndiesal  |  0

I think it all depends on how much the woman works. When my mom worked very limited part time, she did all the housework. Now that she works full time, they split it evenly.

  Sugarlips_xo  |  0

Housework should be shared by the male and female. If the female does all the chores and cooking and taking care of the children, her job will never have a break to it. Quikwit1212 has it right.

  CRUZs_GURL1  |  0

yeah, I do everything too my husband offerse to help me. I clean, cook I love cooking and wash dishes but the truth is that I like company not help. when I try doing something the other person is just in the way not just my husband. for sure my husband loves me for doing everything but if he were to tell me that washing dishes is for women I wouldn't do shit for him.

  AngryNinja  |  1

i'm extremely glad there are men on here who realize how fucking sexist some of you are. there's some faith in the male population not all ordering me to get in the kitchen or make a damn sammich after all. thank god. -.-

  AngryNinja  |  1

i'm extremely glad there are men on here who realize how fucking sexist some of you are. there's some faith in the male population not all ordering me to get in the kitchen or make a damn sammich after all. thank god. -.-

  bkullas  |  0

mermaid, for some reason, your picture just makes me want to slap you. You and snickerdoodle escpecially. you guys comment on way to much shit

  bkullas  |  0

seems like u have nothing better to do than comment 24/7. I'm stuck on a train with nothing to do. I use fml to pass time, not make it my life


I don't make it my life, either.

At night, I use it to occupy the time during my insomnia (no, FML is NOT the reason I can't sleep)

During the day, I go on for a few hours and then do whatever else I do during the day (which is none of your business).

Since when is it any of your concern whether I comment a lot and why do you hate me for it?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Bkullas, who the hell appointed you as the free time police? You're doing the same thing Tara is and you're what - pissy that she has more free time than you? You don't know her or her life so stfu!

Ajjas! The damn trolls are back! *hands ajjas a potato*


obserd= absurd.

I'm a teen with no social life, so there's not really much I could better with my time. My free time belongs to the internet (not only FML), and I'm content with that. I'm happy, so what makes you think I would change whether you told me to or not?

  MadaZer0  |  8

Hey bull crap or whatever your name is... Stfu before I go ape on your ass. Do not... And I repeat. Do not ever! Troll on Tara again you piece of garbage... Anyone can comment and do what ever the fuck they want! Unless it goes overboard the mods would delete comments. Are you a mod? No? Okay shut the fuck up and go get laid! Treat a lady with fucking respect or I assure you... Your going to wake up with a fist in your ass... And that fist isn't mind.

  hjrn  |  0

Really, so all of us should only be on here and comment when you tell us it is ok. Find something else to do to pass time on the train if it bothers you.

By  DieInAHole  |  0

thats like when i was washing my hair and when i put conditioner on soap still came out so i tried a couple more times til i realised i was using the wrong bottle. i was using the shampoo instead of conditioner. haha. i am a self proclaimed douche.

By  eeks8  |  0

really if it had been dirt, if it hadn't come off the first time it's not gonna come of the next to times, if you had hand washed it you have realised.