By Anonymous - 24/06/2014 02:26 - United States - San Luis Rey

Today, while visiting family, we went to a restaurant to eat. Towards the end of the meal, I went to use the restroom. When I came back, everyone was gone. Everyone had actually gotten into their cars and left without me. I have no idea where I am and no one is answering their phone. FML
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datechnerd 21

Hope you didn't get stuck with the bill too

Your family members are a bunch of assholes


datechnerd 21

Hope you didn't get stuck with the bill too

I got pranked by my workmates like this once, they left me with the bill of $1,600. Thankfully I had enough not to get my card declined, but it would have been very embarassing if it did. They did pay me back afterwards though.

I hope you meant 1,600 won and not 1,600 dollars O_o. I would not be happy with that prank...

incoherentrmblr 21

Hopefully you were able to be picked up or able to get a ride to where you needed to be OP...

I didn't mean it seriously. 1600 won is just over 1 US dollar. Won is the currency of Korea, which is where #20 was from. Besides, it could have been. My keyboard has the symbol for won ₩, pretty close to $.

Well, she wouldn't have been worried about her credit card being declined if it was just above a dollar equivalent.

I'm going to assume you have never been a college student before... The average student has very little money :p. Which she could have been...

probably not, seeing as OP said nothing about passing out. Her family members were just assholes

OP didn't say anything about passing out. Their family just left OP at a restaurant. It's pretty black & white, and it happens all the time. My mom once forgot me in a sketchy area of downtown when I was 8. She then forgot where she forgot me! So she just kind of gave up looking. I had to walk into a police station for help. They gave me a ride home.

cryssycakesx3 22

I don't think it does happen all the time...

What a good mother to give up on looking for her daughter.

juturnaamo 29

My mom used to forget me at school a couple if times a week, and she'd sleep with the ringer off so I couldn't call home.

#47 It's actually a pretty normal thing. When you're in a large party, it's pretty easy to forget who's where, and pretty hard to keep tabs on every person. I worked in a restaurant a while back, and there would be at least one person a week asking to use our courtesy phone. Because they were forgotten by their party while they stepped out for a bit. Why would your family, as a collective, come to the descison that you should be left behind at the restaurant? If they were secretly planning to leave OP there, they wouldn't have invited OP to begin with. Unless they were complete dickwads. In which case, why would you go to dinner with them/expect an uneventful evening?

A07 48

Looks like you're not going to have to go home for Christmas this year.

Your family members are a bunch of assholes

Someone forgot to tell him the rules of Dine and Dash. On purpose...

Haha that sounds like a cruel joke. They're all hiding around the corner or something.

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to stay calm. They'll remember and come back for you

I think that this was on purpose, since no one is answering their phone.

In general , I agree with #6. In this particular case, it seems OP is being pranked . Either that or OP's family is a bunch of airheads.

Maybe they are planning a surprise party for you when you get home? Always look on the bright side OP :)

That… is not at all a good reason to leave someone at a restaurant.

badluckalex 23

and cut off all communication with them

Well, there is taxi, but it's a gamble on just not getting a creepy driver.

kristabelli 19

#81 that's a pretty skeptical opinion! I've taken taxis many times and the drivers have always been very nice.

I'm hoping for you that they at least did pay the bill already! otherwise this situation could get even worse.

Weeeell shit. Go to their house and rob them for it

I don't see how that would solve anything.