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By  DncrHap  |  9

Something to keep in mind:

Not all girls who take birth control are having sex.
Even girls who have boyfriends and are taking BC aren't necessarily having sex.
However, it's also really important for girls to take their birth control /every day/ at a specific time, otherwise it really messes up her body.
For all anyone knows, she suddenly realized she hadn't taken it that day, and panicked.

... or maybe she's having sex with her boyfriend.

  carobug  |  6

Basically, birth control is a contraceptive; a thing that helps prevent pregnancy. It slows the menstrual cycle. Many people use it when they have heavy periods. More info can be found by Googling it : D

  Tigerblossom  |  19

She could just be using birth control to help with period cramps or acne. It just happened that the time she needs to take it at was right before the date. Just because you are on birth control doesn't mean you are having sex. That's one possibility anyway.

  sammysosa5794  |  11

false. for one the girl could have just gone to planned parenthood and the would have prescribed it to her. also there is no charge for birth control under laws recently passed by Obama, and he wouldn't have gotten a bill if she paid for it on her own

  bug87  |  9

It's not a big deal. My mom took me to get on birth control. It's something that you should be able to discuss with your parent/guardian.

  LoZelda123  |  20

The timing was god awful, but considering she could be on birth control for hormonal reasons, there's no need to panic.
still, isn't it better she be on the pill and reducing her odds of having a baby?

By  hecuva  |  0

are you sure you don't want to hear it? atleast you know she's being safe, no grandkids for you yet!... it's when you see her run back to bring BACK the birth control you should be worried :)

  jnic  |  0

Wow, your daughter's growing up, just like every other daughter, or normal human being at that... and being responsible enough to use birth control, when it could be so much worse. Yeah, fuck your life, totally.

You're going to get so much shit for this.
Would you be posting an FML about this if your daughter happened to be your son instead?
No? That's what I thought.

I'm so sick of this whole creepy, sexist, overprotective "father and daughter thing". It almost makes me thankful that my mother's been a widow since I was a baby. If I have kids, there is NO way in hell I would EVER let my husband get away with being like this with my daughter.

  overdriven07  |  0

...sounds like somebody has some daddy issues. Maybe it wasn't such a good thing daddy left.

Perhaps the OP was saying FML because he realized his daughter was becoming sexually active and growing up? I don't have kids, but I can imagine it will be a pretty big smack in the face when I find out my kid (regardless of gender) is becoming sexually active. It'll be a sign that they are growing up and aren't a little boy or little girl anymore. Not to mention that sex is a hugely personal thing and ANY parent is going to feel a little protective when they find out their kid is having sex.


no #79 is right, when you look at society fathers consider it a good thing when their son loses their virginity but when a girl brings a guy home the fathers give the boyfriend 3rd degree. I dont understand why people are saying shit about how the father should kick the boyfriend or not let her date. I doubt all of you who are judging are virgin little angels XP

  steeeeeve  |  0

dude, what parent wants to hear proof that their daughter is getting boned, and at the risk of getting std's. how hard is it to buy a pack of condoms? and if he's too young to get away with that then that's a whole other problem on its own. basically the kids, especially the guy, is being very irresponsible, and if they lost their virginity together, then they could still use condoms to ensure pregnancy is avoided - neither is perfect but the two together are safe enough for sure

OP, fyl and try to reason with your daughter without exploding on her, otherwise it'll only get worse but i'm sure you're aware of that...hopefully

  mcsnelly  |  5

I totally agree with 79!! I am soooo sick of that bullshit! Being way too overprotective of just daughters and not sons is incredibly sexist. Also, I'm pretty sure the bigger problem is too many fathers that encourage their sons to be man-whores, not that the daughters are "being set loose" or whatever.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but birth control is not just the pill. IMHO it's anything that helps prevent pregnancy from condoms to the rhythm method. While I agree that she's probably not being that safe, if they both came into the relationship STD free, then they would be more worried about becoming pregnant than catching the clap.

  jnic  |  0

Hahah what? Do you not know the meaning of "widow"? Daddy didn't "leave," daddy died in a car accident. Learn to read.

  jnic  |  0

It is not a "smack in the face" when your children become sexually active. Your children growing up and becoming sexually active is a normal art of life, and if it never happened, THAT would be a concern. You say that as if it's offensive that your child will become sexually active.

  cactus_fml  |  0

We don't know that she doesn't use condoms.
Of course, we don't know that she does but many people use both.

We don't even know that she was taking the pills to have sex. A lot of people take them for menstrual problems, although the situation of this one sort of implies sex.

To all the people saying "atleast she's on BC!" You have to remember that she FORGOT to take it. If she forgets completely she could end up pregnant. So nobody wants to hear "I FORGOT my birth control!"

  kaprookie  |  3

Ok guys first of all her growing up and becoming sexually active yeah i think we can all accept that but we also don't know how old they are they could be 15 or 16 and also saying that a father is overprotective of their daughters and not their sons is complete bullshit my dad was very protective of both me and my sister very much and of course the dads going to be more protective of his only daughter I mean look at the sickos out there and what they have done to young women out there. I know I would be protective of my daughter I had one.

  katt_is_here  |  24

Thanks for making the point. How did those "sickos" out there become sickos? Could it be because we as a society are harder on our daughters than our sons when it comes to sex? Could it be because we as a society tell boys to go screw as much as they can? Hmmm....I wonder.

  noncom  |  12


He probably would be posting this if it was his son. Fathers don't just freak out over their daughters having sex. If his nonexistant son came running into the house yelling "I forgot my condoms!" Like this idiotic girl did then yes, he would have most likely posted. And most of the teenage girls these days are too stupid and therefore their does need to be overprotective.

  alice_hmph  |  0

Yeah, My dad knows I'm on birth control. And taking birth control doesn't necessarily mean you're having sex. Birth control also regulates your period, but I bet you didn't get to that one before you assumed she was screwing her boyfriend...