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Today, I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go to the movies. She replies, "Sorry I have to do stuff with my parents" Her mum calls and by mistake my girlfriend pressed loud speaker, the first thing her mum said was "Be back at 11". FML
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how do you know she's not going out with friends? don't jump to conclusions, just talk to her. if she's cheating, though, tell her to go die.

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her mom called who? im so confused on this whole thing..


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Are you sure you're not mentally Ill and you have an obsessive urge to post incoherent comments?

Ouch. I'd feel gutted. What happened after?

wow, did you break up with her for being a lying sneak?

#2: I'm sure that's what it was. lol And I'm with 3, what happened next?

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So, was it before 11am...? Good info giving...

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Maybe she's picking up groceries for her mom!!