By nico - 01/07/2011 04:15 - United States

Today, I broke my collarbone in a rugby tournament. I was forced to sit through five more hours of games because the coach wouldn't take me to the hospital until the tournament was over. FML
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Stroke_Her_Ace 15

And there's no medical staff at this tournament why?

I ******* hate it when people argue about sports.


YourEvilHero 12

helicopter dick that coach!

take it like a man and play football and I'm not talking about the one with ferries in short-shorts

austo97 0

for one, a ferry is a boat, and two, futbol is the most played sport in the world, so obviously it's more manly that football. as more men around the world play it. in football you run around in pads hugging each other and feeling each other up, in futbol, you pass the ball around each other humiliating the other players. what sounds more homosexual? jackass

first off you look like a cum-guzzling ferry that prides himself in how much c*ck he can take and I take you play soccer. and second off what is the most watched game around the world, yeah the superbowl I don't care that a bunch of poor people around the play soccer only a select few can play the greatest game in the history of the earth and that's football. now get it right fagget mcball breath.

austo97 0

mods, why you take down my comment? I felt good about showing that guy up. :(

SkyEatsJack 4

American football is the pussy version of rugby.

you didn't show any body up now read my comment

austo97 0

go back to school you inbred f*ck. it's FAIRY, and bullsh*t the super bowl is the most watched. ever heard of the world cup? everyone in the whole wide world watches that, except for ignorant rednecks who hate futbol because they don't have the skill to precisely kick a ball 30 yards. and you resorted to calling me useless names and stating how gay I am, why? because you have nothing else to say, you have originality. I won't fight an unarmed man in a battle of wits. I'm done.

austo97 0

no dude I said you look gay because you look gay

austo97 0

ok, if I look gay to you doesn't mean that I don't get the ladies. and that's not what we are arguing about, so there you have nothing else to say. I win. no go back to bed with your cousin

yeah that's right pussy out and run away that's what you do if we both were in the same room

I like rugby, you like American football and some like soccer. Just like I enjoy a steak, and you may prefer chops, doesn't mean we need to get angry at each other over different preferences we have. Having said that, Rugby ****** wins :)

SkyEatsJack 4

Tjack the most watched game around the world is the FIFA world cup you dipshit not the superbowl.

please your the gayest thing since male cheer leading

19, Your quite wrong when it comes to Am.Football being the most popular, and Association football is way BETTER because a bunch of poor people only need a ball to play. And "soccer" was called football first. Why don't YOU get your facts straight "fagget mcball breath"?

I said the most watched single game, not series of games

austo97 0

see? resorting back to gayness, learn some new insults, and stop sweating on the keyboard you fat inbred redneck

SkyEatsJack 4

Nice comeback moron. Get your facts straight before you start an argument.

I ******* hate it when people argue about sports.

really you think the game is better because every one can play it. A game reaches it's highest potential when only a select few can play and be great at it

I don't think the superbowl even comppares to the world cup Final, or even the semi/quarter for that matter

I'm only resorting to gayness because you look the part, if you were fat I'd probably call you fat or if you looked like a nerd I probably make fun of you for that. but you look gay and probably are so I'm just stating the facts about you.

if I coul thumb this down more I would. people play different sports. big whoop tee do! if u hav nohing nice to say don't say anything at all. don't make ur self sound like an ass...

austo97 0

but in reality, you are the only person to think I look gay, and im not gay, would it matter in the situation I'm in? no, because being gay isnt bad, thus your argument is invalid. we were arguing about sports and I think you have lost my friend.

austo97 0

blueberry is too cute, coming in, giving her two bits about the Stanley cup,

it's all good at the end of the day I know who's the better man and if it came down to it I'd be able to kick the shit out of you so it don't matter if I lost in the virtual world all that matter is that I'd win in the real world were stuff actually happens when you call someone out. but you can feel good about your self and being a keyboard worrier.

austo97 0

Tjack, why are you being an ass? calm the heck down. god forbid somebody likes a sport other than football.

blanquito 1

rigght.. shut the fck up cuz I read that whole argument and you both sound like douchebags

austo97 0

good thing i took pictures on my iPod of the arguement before those silly moderators go and ruin the fun.

austo97 0

I eat slugs and fingerbang my sister.

Tjack, you're just pissed, because austo and I are atheists... So what if we don't believe in God! We don't insult your religion!

austo97 0

lolwut? how'd you know I was atheist?

Because I'm a beast (and an atheist)!

austo97 0

lol ayame, football is American football. futbol is soccer and English football. rugby Is a whole different sport.

Tjack_atack 0

shovels that's a whole other thing that I really don't care about unless you try to shove it down my throat

austo97 0

Tjack, I hope you know that the national "religion" of China is atheism. The Chinese are not a joke...

Tjack_atack 0

that has nothing to do with what I just said

austo97 0

I love this tjack guy, he has a great sense of humor* * sarcasm

The Soviet Union was the same as China is now, until it collapsed in 1991. Who knows, China might collapse too. China is supposed to have a better economy than the US by 2016, so we will see how the collapsing-situation goes.

#61 I think that's a well deserved case of modervention xD

sourgirl101 28

So wickedly funny!!! I thought 61's statement was true for a moment.

#64 I don't recall calling anybody gay for liking the color red or yellow or any other color that wasn't my favorite color.

I'm not starting the debate again but just a correction, the most watched sport event in the world is not the FIFA world cup. it's the tour de france.

What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure 3 weeks of the world cup are more watched then the Toure's 3 weeks. And to the girl trying to end the debate, we aren't argueig over which sport is best like kids, me and the other dude are just disproving the one guy's claim that the superbowl is the best/most watched of all time.

138 you're a moron, the only thing dumber than debating on an Internet forum is trying to get people to stop debating on an Internet forum. 139 you're probably mentally challenged, about five people give a crap about the Tour de France. plus, most of them are cyclists, and therefore have 2 less testicles than Lance Armstrong. I rest my case.

138 you're also ass-ugly, and that's probably an understatement.

A7X_LoVeee 10

My god. The sports argument is almost as bad as the idiots who argue which gaming system is best.

vergaso 0

gaming system? pc is best cuz it got good games that arent for stupid little kid casuals that like playin call of duty all day that game sucks

vergaso 0

gaming system? pc is best cuz it got good games that arent for stupid little kid casuals that like playin call of duty all day that game sucks

Hehe I like how your just like "if we can't agree about that there is no better sport. Let's just say they all suck then"

ImaWiseGuy 5

winning knows no such boundaries...

League is for thugs and simpletons, union is the thinking man's game.

Stroke_Her_Ace 15

And there's no medical staff at this tournament why?

whybother8 0

because the budget was cut.

XD!! Your face dude, I freaking love it!! it's like a combination Of Fergi--- The Joker and Cat in the Hat with a mixture of 10 other Dr.Suess Characters.

sux_to_be_you 0

that's how club sports are

in my league an ambulance has to be present or no games

TripOnShoelaces 0

I would of been like, "Alright. Well **** you then." And dipped.

TripOnShoelaces 0

And no, for those of you assuming so, that wasn't much of a literal statement. XD

And he would have been like, 'come at me bro.'

RedPillSucks 31

Is "*******" one of those rugby moves I've heard so much about?

Stroke_Her_Ace 15

I think OP is in enough pain without the added stress of sewing an ass with a broken collar bone.

Sew his ass? I think it's spelled "sue".

i was kidding. i know how to spell. i got a stagaring 3 out of 10 in a spelling test. best score in my college.

#130 Good thing you showed up. I was so confused, but now I see what everyone has done here.

so you think he should sew him? you probably meant sue....

Sew is generally pronounced as so. Not only is your spelling incorrect but your grammar needs a check.

CateXOX 0

132- That sure is a "stagaring" score.

The misspelling just made the comment 10x funnier.

Odillian 6

Well that doesn't say much. As you spelled staggering wrong as well. it's staggering not stagaring.

Odillian 6

Your supposed best score in your college must have been wrong because you have another word spelled wrong. 'Stagaring' no, staggering, you genius.

omg. i was joking about all this. i guess you didn't see through the deception..

I know how you feel, my boyfriend broke his collarbone in the middle of the football season and he had to help film the rest of the games. =( you poor thing.

Beebow_fml 5

We don't care about your boyfriend, and this person had to wait without medical treatment.

So you actually DON'T know how it feels do you? Stupid cow.

CateXOX 0

10- No you don't know how it feels, your boyfriend does.

Wouldn't a butt plug be so much simpler?

WTF?! sue the school or him blind for pain and suffering the max is 1000 dollars (:

"sue him blind" and "1000 dollars" should not go in the same sentence. 1000 bucks isn't even worth the trouble.

court fees and lawyer fees and medical bills are more than that. so not even worth it.

could sew him blind ... that would be funny

yeah umm breaking your collarbone isn't too bad, ice and immobilize it and it barely hurts. suing over that is just being a pussy.

Ya I'd sue too, load up on pain meds haha;)

Don't break your dick. That's more important.

Alexunited1212 2

because it's possible to break your dick as if it was a bone.

sxe_beast 11

Actually it is possible to "break your dick". Its called a penile fracture.

And you can easily bleed out and die.