By Anon. - 07/02/2011 17:44 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend asked me to play dead so he could have sex with my "corpse." FML
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maybe you're too noisy op and he just wanted a few minutes to enjoy himself.


I thought this was weird then I saw that she lives in th UK...

I should of taken ur warning but I looked it up anyway... :s I would say the same but my friend told me about the movie human centipede and it's even worse -_- I've never been more disgusted...

Try lying in a bath of ice water for an hour beforehand, I hear that makes it even more realistic.

109 i totally agree! i could hardly watch the whole thing and felt physically sick afterwards :S

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human centipede was the lamest movie ever

Shit. Now that IS extreme!! necrophilia, coprophilia and all that stuff is one thing. The human centiped is another level...

Are you saying that people from the UK are well known for enjoying sex with corpses? I was never told of this tradition...

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#1 its called pseudonecrophilia and its a fetish for things that are seemingly lifeless not actually so.

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Till complete decomposition do us part.

He just sounds like he has weird fetishes, this doesn't seem like that much of an FML o.0

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everyone has a fetish. I like girls sitting on my face. but anyways OP obliged to her pimp daddy and played a corpses. Amirite

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Has he watched a German film by the name of Nekromantik recently?

I looked this movie up, and the sequel, and I can honestly say I've never felt so disgusted in my whole life.

Im guessing its about a german corpse raper?

maybe you're too noisy op and he just wanted a few minutes to enjoy himself.