By Anonymous - 10/01/2010 15:10 - Canada

Today, I propositioned my boyfriend of two years to have sex with me in the shower to spice up our love life. He said that he was really busy. He was playing Call of Duty. FML
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u rely need to try COD

Slimy? What kind of showers do you take? Lol


hahahaha.. Girls think that they control the sex life.. but, in actual fact.. Control of Duty does..

iwas it mw2 if so couldn't you wait? he could have been In a party with his friends or been going fr a new killsstreak

that is a very busy thing to do.... I mean when your on a 20 kill streak u have no time to fuck in the shower

164 is right it's dangerous to bother people playing call of duty

dump his ass!!! video games r stupid. fkn nukes & playing domination in a party is gay. my bf is playing mw2 right this moment

pwincessa23 do us a favor and be quiet, CoD trumps almost anything im joking of course because I'd rather have sex then play CoD except if I was on a massive kilstreak or in a party as stated, Don't dump him OP I can guarantee if you dump him and get another bf he will play CoD heaps aswell so just get used to it

Maybe the idea of screwing a slimy wet person wasn't as attractive to him as it was to you. ;)

Slimy? What kind of showers do you take? Lol

You know, the nickelodeon green slime ones.

notice ur not first and Im first for 2 fmls in a row

you are totally ridiculous and have no right to criticize other people when you are no better than them nobody else i see is going around and rudely criticizing people on here like you do

Hey. Hey hey. Don't mess with him. He's black.

well it is cod

u rely need to try COD

agreed!! imma girl and I used to hate it, until I played it for an hour or two.. now it's my favorite game

Someone hasn't played Battlefield...

well it's cod what do expect?lol

COD is the place where us men like to shoot the hell outa people seriously COD FTW!!!!!

COD ftw and amber can take a shower with me anytime

OP is an idiot. CoD is ALWAYS better than sex. Those predator missiles are so sexy!

never disturb a man on CoD, especially when he's going for a nuke.

never disturb a man on CoD, especially when he's going for a nuke.