By dinapar - 14/07/2009 14:02 - Canada

Today, I was cuddling with my boyfriend watching a movie, my boyfriend then leans in and says: "You know, you're my favourite girlfriend." I then jokingly responded by saying: "You say that like I'm not the only girlfriend you have right now." I hate being right. FML
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OUCH. Sorry Honey. At least you were his favorite?

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People click on that button for fun I swear.


OUCH. Sorry Honey. At least you were his favorite?

yeah really. youre his favourite unless hes just saying that...but i dont know why he would...

you really need to double check... I joked around with my gf on this for a while... then my gf started referring to her as jill and making jokes that i would be spending more time with her. Note- said around her family. Also, her family got the joke.

I'm replying to the first comment so my comment can be at the top.

And I'm replying to 43's comment so I can be at the top. Aren't I the smartest? Don't abuse the reply system folks

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I have no idea what you are talking about.

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Wow, hypocrisy much? I've had so many of my comments deleted that were perfectly valid. Meanwhile others reply just to get at the top and stay there. **** fmylife.

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I'm replying to #78's comment so I can be on top even though no one will read it because if you're not first, YOU FAIL.

Don't be like that! I read your comment. be happy :D

i agree that the system is rough, btw Im thumb upping those who sarcastically said they were replying just to be on top. The problem is that they way FML has been going #2 ends up being many pages down. SO whats the point in not replying to #1, its the only way not to have your comments pushed out

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omg I have the same birthmark! btw is ur face tht bad tht u have to put a picc of ur ass? seriously?

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Is your face that bad that you have to put up a pic that couldn't be any more blurry?

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Yeah, ya gotta agree with #1 :] And why would someone click the 'You totally deserved it' button?

Probably the same people who use the YDI button for any random criticism they have: "YDI for dating a creep," "YDI for playing mind games," "YDI for saying that you hate being right because all women love being right."

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I agree. People always find the dumbest reasons to say YDI.

well shes from canada, so she therefor loves the cold she loves the cold so therefor she is a penguin she is a penguin therefor she is all about black and white she is all about black and white therefor she is the same as a newspaper I never believe anything i read in the newspaper, therefore YDI

And the award for the most creative and convoluted reason for a YDI goes to... spoo/#34!!!

Penguins live in the south. :P YDI for living in Manitoba though... it's a rather ridiculous province. Ontario FTW!

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I clicked because she never explained to him that she wanted to be monogamous and simply assumed they were on the same page, which is ridiculous. Perhaps the OP should stick to dating mind readers.

Haha, that's the best thing I've ever read!! Win!

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uhh there are no penguins in canada, seriously . its not that cold here ,

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they could have clicked it by mistake

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People click on that button for fun I swear.

It probably gives them a power rush... Either that or the people who manage this site add points to the YDI for every section so that we don't get suspicious

I just click both because I'm aiming for the vote on every FML trophy thing and I want to keep track.

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Do yourself a favor and get a real boyfriend.

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Uhm Yeah! get a new boyfriend already! Like Duh!

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awe that sucks... i'm sorry.

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Wow. Well, at least now you know and can dump his ass.

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