By just trying to be nice - 21/06/2013 02:17 - United States - Tucson

Today, I honked at a man in a Subway parking lot. He rolled down his window and screamed insults and slurs at me before driving away. Why did I honk at him? He'd left his lunch on top of his car. FML
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You tried at least., now free subway for you.

And then he realized why you honked, once he got on the highway, and felt really stupid.


You tried at least., now free subway for you.

Nothings better than a dirty sand-which in a parking lot right?

CharresBarkrey 15

All the Subways I've been to wrap the sandwiches in paper and put them in a bag. Don't think it would be that dirty.

RedPillSucks 31

Until it's run over by something.

How'd he know what the honk was supposed to mean?

Might of had a bad day, still shouldn't lash out at you, maybe you should have rolled down your window and told him OP, FYL.

If he was having a bad day, then lost his lunch because he had no tact, then he probably deserved the day he had. I don't see how this is so bad for the OP, unless he had some ¡Really! good swears.

And then he realized why you honked, once he got on the highway, and felt really stupid.

Nah. He's so stupid he'll probably think she took it.

nurchok 15

#3, just stupid? I'm sure he also felt hungry and I hope the pop and the sauce ended up all over his windshield. Assholes deserve it and karma will get them...

Well now he's got no sandwich! Serves him right for being a douchebag.

Exactly! People are such arseholes nowadays. Whatever happened to being "nice". I guess the arsehole disease is spreading everywhere! Run!! Lol

A100893 30

You can't be nice in this world without some kind of retribution.

suboy 10

Not sure if you used that in the right context.

Lost_Ghost 8

Now we laugh at his incompetence. Sorry you took the blunt of it OP.

RedPillSucks 31


All that rage at a honk. This guy was having a bad day and now he probably has no sandwich.

kim_larsa 5

He deserves it! Let him drive off.

He would have known your horning wasn't because of impatience but to alert him of something awry he was to notice if it went "Beep! Beep-beep-beep-beep, beeep BEEP!"

oceanbeauty 17

Is that morse code for "your sandwich is on your roof?"

bamagrl410 31

I think OP should've done more than just honk. In some places (like here) drivers can just be rude & impatient and honk the second they get a chance. Light literally just turned green and you aren't already through the intersection? Honk. They want your parking space but don't want to back up a little so you can get out? Honk. He may have though OP was just being impatient. Still no reason to shout and be rude like he was, but OP may have been able to shut him up by pointing to the food or saying something.