By jzone32 - 14/10/2009 05:45 - Canada

Today, I had my first job interview in years. While I was waiting for the manager to come out I realized I had forgotten the resume that I had printed out the night before, since he specifically asked me to bring one. FML
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Alright everyone, this site is called "Fmylife" BECAUSE people post stories about how something bad happened that normally does not. Just because this guy forgot his resume DOESN'T mean he always forgets things all the time. It DOESN'T mean that he's irresponible. You guys don't even know this man, you can't judge him. Everybody forgets things sometimes, especially when we're really nervous. Give him a break, jeez.


ChronicFAIL 0

Hello Im an idiot, my like is ****** becuz I was stupid enough not to remember the Resume, lemme guess Mommy brought all of your projects into school after YOU forgot them.

Yes, it's sometimes spelled like that in the UK.

GR3453m0nk3y 4

actually jimmy it works like this American spelling: realized British spelling: realised :D

im american. always spelled it realised. (also spell a lot of stuff in the british or as i like to call it 'correct' spelling)

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It's the other way around. British: Z American: S

Nooo......American= realized, British= realised.

perdix 29

Maybe in a few more years, when you get your second job interview, you'll listen to the instructions. Interview tip: When you get the question, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" The answer is not "On a couch in my mom's basement playing video games." Even though that is accurate, here is one case where honesty is the hobo's policy.

I believe Mitch Hedburg had a much better response: Interviewer - "So where do you see yourself in five years?" Mitch - "Celebrating the five-year anniversary of being asked this question."

perdix 29

RIP, Mitch Hedberg, he was really great.

Mitch will forever be remembered in our hearts, especially since he is now in a better place... a place that has one long escalator that can only temporarily become stairs.

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Perdix, u spend an awful large amount of time on FML. I see comments by you all the time...

L2R important information this skill is the biggest and most important in your life and if you write this crap and expect people to care, i think your out of luck here and from the words of Mr.T i pity the fool (L2R - LEARN TO REMEMBER).

Fascinating story, OP. Can't wait for the sequel.

So weird I had a job interview yesterday and the person in front of me forgot his resume when we were asked to bring one in

Not having had an interview in years is no excuse for forgetting your resume! All it demonstrates is your irresponsibility and it's probably good they are finding our early what you're really like!