By anon - 26/12/2013 12:08 - Australia

Today, I watched "Time of the Doctor" and I'm pretty sure my love of Doctor Who slithered out through my ear and shamefully lodged itself in the darkest corner of the room, crying. FML
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I know your feels, Op. all whovians know your feels.. ♥

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Just give it some wibbly wobbley timey wimey and the new Doctor will grow on you even if Moffat doesn't.


I know your feels, Op. all whovians know your feels.. ♥

We all know his feels, thoroughly. That was the most depressing episode ever.

Clearly you have never seen End of Time then.

I watched Dr. Who faithfully during the Tom Baker years, then it was a once in awhile thing after I graduated college. Been getting back into it recently, as my daughter watches it. Last night's episode had good moments, but the end was a bit anti-climactic. Anytime there's a new Doctor, there's a period of adjustment. Personally, I don't think the writing is as strong as it was in the '70s, but then I'm from another generation of Whovians.

It killed me when little Amy came along and then adult Amy came and said Raggedy man goodnight

"Raggedy Man, goodnight" "the Doctor is regenerating" "my impossible girl" Yep. I get you, I cried, lots.

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It's gonnna be okay, because I cried like a baby... but in time it'll be alright.

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having Amy Pond come back was beautiful

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@36 you're from the original doctors, not our dramatic ones.

Have to agree with ya there on that. It was still an awesome show. Man it was good looking forward to see it again

I cried the most when he dropped his bowtie on the floor! *oh the feels* :'(

I didn't cry when I watched it. Don't get me wrong I teared up a bit but I'm very hard to get to cry. The only things I cry about are dead family and cute animals being mistreated. All good things must end. Matt may be gone now but now we have a new Doctor! Rejoice!

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I cried like a baby!!! I want my Matt Smith back!!!

OMG... same.. such crying much sad *serious*

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This isn't Funny Pics, stop trying to role play.

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but you're role-playing as a very happy guy, even your name is smiley

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Just give it some wibbly wobbley timey wimey and the new Doctor will grow on you even if Moffat doesn't.

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I'm actually quite excited for Capaldi. I loved Smith but he's been doing it for ages now, definitely time for someone else to take control. Last episode was a bit self-indulgent rather than monsters and running around but I expected that so I'm not that bothered. I don't really get why everyone's so upset.

No one is ever excited for a new doctor. I hated Matt for a while and I'll hate Peter for a while. But a true Whovian learns to love our doctors, raggedy man or not.

The one line capaldi spoke during the episode, as well as his other actions give me some hope for his role as the doctor.

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@67 if you think two seasons is a long time them you must live in a pocket dimension. Tennant did it longer then Smith but I still do agree Im very excited about Capaldi and i loved the ending. "Do you by chance know how to fly this thing".

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Capaldi played the dad in 'The Fires of Pompeii' of the family they saved. And Amy Pond played a soothsayer c:

your pain is understood my friend, we suffer together

O.o that was just like when I finished Dragon Ball GT. Was sad. We need a new series.

Dragon Ball always sucked. And, OP, I feel your pain. Matt Smith deserved a better send-off than that.

GT was so bad that I'm convinced that it's what gave my grandmother cancer.

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Must avoid going into a fit of rage again. There were SO many things wrong with that episode....

Just an honest question here, but why is it people seem to be praising the episode everywhere but FML? I haven't watched the episode yet so I'm just wondering.

I don't know. I just wasn't feeling it--and I've watched "Doctor Who" rather sporadically. I was introduced by my boyfriend when Matt Smith started playing, caught up with a few of the modern reset, but have missed a lot. I must catch up. I also didn't get the whole reset before regenerate thing either. The reset from Old Matt to Young Matt was cool, but then he drops his bow tie ("Bow ties are cool.") shimmies a bit and then is Peter Capaldi? Eh.

The episode focused too much on Matt for my tastes. They had Trenzalore, with all of the Doctor's enemies but they didn't really make it more actionized. It was good but it could have been better. COPYRIGHT FOR ACTIONIZED

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New Doctor Who = lots of complaints

I'm not sure if you thought it was bad or it was so good you broke down. Either way, you will have to endure. It's what the doctors would want.

I never expected spoilers on FML. Damn you, OP. Damn you to Trenzalore.

Would you like a jelly baby to cheer you up?

Come on, guys. You didn't see the previews on TV? What with the Dalek screaming "THE DOCTOR IS REGENERATING!"

my god... whoever downvoted my comment there clearly never got the reference... > . >

Your comment is a spoiler in itself, actually.

It's Moffat. You're stupid if you didn't expect that sort of bullshit in the first place.