By sarahcurtis213 / Tuesday 13 November 2012 07:36 / United States
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By  krewer21  |  1

YDI for leaving a public terminal with any personal information displayed.
What, you think you have no personal responsibility? Sorry, you lose.
Keep an eye out. I hope you can keep away from your stalker.

  cosmosis  |  12

Leaving personal info on a public computer is a big mistake. But does she really deserve to be threatened like that?
Seems abit excessive dont you think.

  jedielf  |  23

Well, according to your logic, everyone else who's ever ordered anything online on a public computer would deserve the death threats too, as it's easy to look at a screen over someone's shoulder.

  bonsaiboy26  |  1

I have to agree leaving personal info was a bad idea, however it's no dif than having an fb account. That place is Id theft central. All it takes is one bit. Where u work, phone number anything. And even if your not set to public friend I friend can view so e careful

  krewer21  |  1

No it does not seem excessive. You leave personal information in a public place, you deserve any and all hell that comes to you.
Personal information is just that, PERSONAL.
You are responsible to keep your information hidden. Leave it open to the world, then you choose to be victimized.

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