By sarahcurtis213 - 13/11/2012 07:36 - United States

Today, I was at the library using a computer to order a package. A man sat down next to me mumbling to himself while staring at me. As I got up to go to the printer, he pointed at me and screamed, "I will burn you alive and enjoy it!" All of my info including my address was still on the computer screen. FML
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And now you know the importance of leaving Personal Identifiable Information open on a public computer.


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FML team- You might want to fix "he pointed and me and screamed"

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#1 so he's like Michael Myers? If that's the case just accept death.

"You can run but u can't hide". See, 1 wrote "U "instead of "you". Huh, 100...

YDI for leaving a public terminal with any personal information displayed. What, you think you have no personal responsibility? Sorry, you lose. Keep an eye out. I hope you can keep away from your stalker.

Leaving personal info on a public computer is a big mistake. But does she really deserve to be threatened like that? Seems abit excessive dont you think.

Well, according to your logic, everyone else who's ever ordered anything online on a public computer would deserve the death threats too, as it's easy to look at a screen over someone's shoulder.

I can agree it's irresponsible, sure, but it doesn't mean OP deserves terrible things to happen to them.

I agree with #2: Sarah Curtis needs to be more careful with her personal information...

Agreed. I mean, imagine if Carmen San Diego used public terminals! Or Waldo!

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I have to agree leaving personal info was a bad idea, however it's no dif than having an fb account. That place is Id theft central. All it takes is one bit. Where u work, phone number anything. And even if your not set to public friend I friend can view so e careful

No it does not seem excessive. You leave personal information in a public place, you deserve any and all hell that comes to you. Personal information is just that, PERSONAL. You are responsible to keep your information hidden. Leave it open to the world, then you choose to be victimized.

Never said it wasn't dumb. There are probably millions out there who still do it though.

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Run op run, before he burns you alive.

Restraining orders are a lovely thing, aren't they?

Yes, but I highly doubt it keeps away the more serious homicidal lunatics.

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Restraining orders only work if the person chooses to obey them. It's more like a restraining hint than an order.

Like parlay. It's more like guidelines than an actual set of rules.

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Better idea: burn him alive first.

And now you know the importance of leaving Personal Identifiable Information open on a public computer.

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Yeah, I wonder why the OP is so poor, they can't afford a computer of their own. That in itself is a FYL for the OP

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I wouldn't leave it on my own personal computer.

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Hahahah that guy knows where I live and threatened me! That's ******* hilarious!

Sounds like one of those psychos from Borderlands.

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A BadMutha Psycho. He shouldn't be roaming free in society.

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I would've minimized the screen or logged off or something before going to the printer

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Better lock your doors all day, every day now.

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On second thought....he could always burn you from the outside of the house. So have fun with that.

Library? People still use those things? Hope you don't die OP, I'd be freaked out.

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Yes, a library. Nothing wrong with books and free public computers.

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Yes, cause not everyone can afford their own computer. Google doesn't always find all the stuff you want and shouldn't be the limit of your research.

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Most people still use libraries...

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What rock are you living under? A lot of people still uses library's and I'm one of them.