Not so funny after all

By oops - 21/09/2013 01:30 - United States - Wichita Falls

Today, being the prank couple that we are, I decided to mess with my husband. When he got off work, I said, "The lady from your office called and said she was pregnant. From you." He immediately broke down crying, and said, "I knew it." Turns out, my fetus already has a sibling. FML
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Maybe he was pranking you in return?

Well that's one way to get the truth out


Well that's one way to get the truth out

what a shit way to find out about your husbands affair. be strong, men like that arent worth it.

To know your husband has cheated on you is in itself very depressing and to know that he has knocked up the other woman while you are pregnant is heart wrecking OP. Stay strong OP and chop off his balls.

44 - I knew I wasn't the only one thinking that...although I hardly doubt it, what if he was joking and acting. That would be A+ acting

56, I don't think op is pregnant, I think she was referring to the fact that her pretend fetus that she made up for the joke has a sibling.

It's been done before, makes the joke even funnier as the joker becomes the victim

Maybe he was pranking you in return?

That's exactly what I thought!!

You thought I was crying....acting!

I'm sure op found out a little more details before posting this on the Internet.

While it would be awesome if he was pranking her back, one would hope he would have told her immediately, meaning this FML wouldn't have been posted, because she would have known it was a joke. Point is, there's a pretty good chance OP's fetus definitely has a sibling.

Whenever I hear about someone's playing this prank, I always wonder if it's because they have an inkling that it's true.

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Maybe he was just joking too? Hopefully..

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I've seen this FML before.

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That's what I was thinking too. OP should definitely check with the office lady in question before filing the divorce papers

Well, he pulled the ultimate prank and now kick the douche to he curb

Maybe he pranked you back?

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Apparently he was pranking somebody's back.

Alright I wrote comment number 7, and for some reason it disappeared. It wasn't moderated. Anyone know why this happened?

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Depending on the comment, they may have deemed it too idiotic/insulting for general consumption and simply nuked it rather than giving you the official warning that comes with modded comments.

24, Sometimes the mods will delete comments that are mildly offensive or could conceivably start an unpleasant debate, or violate the rules in some minor way rather than moderating When your comment is moderated, it counts against you and after a certain number of moderations, your account is either permanently or temporarily suspended. My guess is that the mods delete rather than moderate some comments because they don't want the comment on the thread, but they don't think it's so bad that the commenter should be penalized for it.

if he was "pranking" the other girls back she wouldn't possibly be knocked up

If this is true, can you imagine how awkward this will be for those poor kids? Honestly. If you're going to cheat, at least have the decency to use a condom. "Cheaters" never prosper.

I am so sorry. Glad you found out now I guess.

you should have told her that you were pranking too after she admit that she was pranking you.

Read it again. The wife is saying this, not the husband.

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Ur an idiot Read the FML again

Says the person that uses "ur" in place of "you're."

People write it like that. Not everyone wants to write the full thing out! "Ur" is just a shorter version....

Seriously, a couple letters is too much for you?

Keep the shortened words to texting.

Let's just shorten every word from on. It'd save a lot more time in the long run than just 3 letters and an apostrophe. Maybe we can make a new language out of it.

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Let's call it Ebonics! Oh wait..

Actually, in the 60s it was called Esperanto, and the ads in magazines read "F u cn rd ths, u cn bcm a sec n gt a gd jb." It didn't last long.

I wouldn't refer to my baby as "spawn" either.

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When my friends found out they were pregnant, they referred to it as "Cletus the Fetus" until they found out the gender.