By skyllabeauty1234 - 23/07/2015 03:18 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I am probably the only person in the world who can manage to pull a muscle in their neck while brushing their teeth. FML
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That takes talent

At least you didn't pull a muscle in your neck while trying to give yourself a *******.


That takes talent

That happened to me once and now I'm extra careful of how hard I brush? You don't think it will ever happen but it does.

*brush. idk why it wrote a question mark

My dad really hurt his back playing poker..

ProximityToDeath 20

My step mom put her back out brushing her teeth once.

Must have been some hardcore brushing.

Some pretty intense brushing

rieebee 23

Some like it rough.

olpally 32

This needs a follow up... Funny and painful all at the same time. How hard did you turn your neck to brush?

Nope, there's definitely two of us...

i8cake 12

Been there done that too! It's such a pain in the neck! Apply a hot cloth (towel) to loosen up your muscles and you'll be fine in a day or so!

StiffPvtParts 43

Happened to me, too ._.

At least you didn't pull a muscle in your neck while trying to give yourself a *******.

I hate when that happens

i have nothing to say...

#20 Your name makes this so much better

#20 please tell me that you didn't have that happen...

Are you speaking from experience?

Just to clarify #58, it is not from experience

I must say I'm very impressed. Well done.

That makes two of us... I did the same when I was angrily brushing one time. Never again.

CliffyB03 28

I bet you're the type of person with frayed bristles