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Today, my boyfriend "finally figured out" that he couldn't possibly be the father of my child, and publicly broke up with me. When I reminded him that I was already pregnant when we first met, he "extra" broke up with me for making him look stupid. FML
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What a retard, seriously. Good riddance.

I don't think you want an idiot helping to raise your child anyway


What a retard, seriously. Good riddance.

I heard that and I thought of the Green Day song

Grauncho 27

Thank you for that totally relevant post, #3.

I love how girls date assholes and then complain when shit like this happens.

Your picture made me laugh. The lack of a caption makes it all the more clever.. That is all..

Sounds like a moron anyway. Better off without him.

I don't think you want an idiot helping to raise your child anyway

dodged a bullet. you.dont need a childish partner. find a mature one.

Yea if she stuck with him he might have ended up hiding from her in a grocery store

You don't want that man even remotely involved in raising a child. Go out and find you a real man.

You should be glad that the retard won't get the chance of being looked up to by your kid now

How do you extra break up w/ someone

Maybe by jumping up and down well screaming "I'm extra breaking up with you now. You made me look stupid!" Seems like something OPs' boyfriend would do.

Be glad that your child won't have this retard's genes.

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Better off not havin that idiot around your baby, good riddance

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Uh... You're better off. This one doesn't sound like the sharpest crayon in the shed if ya get my drift.

I'm pretty sure you meant the brightest tool in the crayon box...