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Today, I discovered that my girlfriend of two years has been cheating on me for over five months, including while I was deployed to Afghanistan. FML
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RebelBorn89 tells us more.

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To every one that thinks i'm British, I'm not. I am an American military member serving in the UK

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that is messed up, your risking your life to keep us safe


that is messed up, your risking your life to keep us safe

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Actually #1, he's not risking his life to make YOU safe seeing as you live in the USA, and OP is from England, he's risking his life to keep the citizens of England safe.

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We do what we do to keep everyone safe.

hey 39 noone really cares about you or your freedom anyway.

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27, we're there for the same reasons...

(Insert incoherent cocky statement here) Start a riot now

actually in England they aren't citizens they are subjects

They are a coalition. They are fighting for everyone and don't you deny what our armed forces do bitch.

it really sucks you can't cheat on her cuz afghan women smell bad.

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To every one that thinks i'm British, I'm not. I am an American military member serving in the UK

I was just going to suggest that maybe the OP is stationed overseas, you men and women PCS and TDY to other countries, it doesn't mean you're not American. My roommate is PCSing to Korea next month, and my boyfriend just left on his 6th tour for a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan. I agree with 90% of the comments- YOU CAN DO BETTER. Ditch the bitch, there are real women out there who would never dream of doing something so selfish and disgraceful to their man. We do know what we are getting into when dating a service member and anyone that can't hang should gtfo.

well put 158... i would totally hit that btw.

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hey 158 civilians don't know military acronyms such as TDY and PCS mean. Heck I've done 4 years in the Navy active duty and just over a year in the reserves and I still don't know what they mean lol

@MuffPuncher-Like I said, I'm a one man woman, but thanks for the confidence boost :) @WingsFan80-Sorry, I'm finally learning all the terms, when the roomie and the boyfriend talk I am clueless! But I'm learning! PCSing is permanent duty until you are given orders elsewhere or your service time runs out, and TDYing is temporary duty, like 6 months, almost like a deployment but your family goes with you since you're not in a war zone. If you PCSed, say to Korea like in my roomie's situation, and your time runs out, you can reenlist and go to a base of your choice as long as there is room. So Korea until his time runs out, and then on to be stationed in Germany. It is pretty effed up, they can move you and keep you where they want. We're stuck in Montana right now because he keeps deploying, he's been back less than a year and doesn't have time to get orders for a PCS elsewhere. Preferably somewhere warmer. This is just how it's been explained to me, if someone else knows better then please chime in! And thank you Wings for the time you did!

@98 - not since the UK citizenship act.

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I read the first sentence of 186's and then I got bored....way to write all that for nothing :)

I'm sure they just mean people in general

I would be scared off if a girl was married at all but a soldier that dudes got some juevos

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Wow, that sucks dude sorry. And no one asked him to go and fight. If you were there for her she wouldn't be humping someone else. If you got killed how'd you think she's going to feel?

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Aw that really sucks. what a *****. Ty for risking your life for us!(:

he means that she's nice not cute as I'm looks wise,stupid

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If you're gonna creep 83, spell *you're* and OP sadly though there are alot of songs talking about how bad men are. Mostly by Lyfe Jennings Women also have a statistic, and you gotta seperate the ******, cheaters, liars, and ladies. Sorry you chose a bad one. While you were out doing a great deed.

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Man what a bit*h hope she catches something lol

At least now you can dump her and move on. People who cheat on their deployed partners are just scum, through and through.

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People who cheat in general are scum bags.

happens to alot of us. I despise people without enough self-respect, discipline and dedication to stick to their partner even through hard times. dump her right away and safe more pain you'd otherwise reap.

I agree. I've been away from my partner for five months, waiting to see her for two weeks before another four months apart. It's ****ing hard at times, in fact all the time, but I stick to what I've started. If we can get through this, we can get through anything.

my favorite part is when their explanation is that "it was just too hard, and you don't understand what its like." their right what I understand is that we are not the one that still gets to sleep in a warm bed, shower daily, get to put on fresh clean clothes as opposed to wearing the same cammies for weeks because you have no choice. I understand that every time we make it back alive from our "roads trips" is a god send. the worst part is I bet she cheated on him with another guy from the military.

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Thats really messed up.Im sorry!

Dump her, she is not worth it, like the war.

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You probably found out through Facebook. ...,,. Oh the wonders of Facebook. Anyways FYL, I'm sure you'll find someone else. She's a bitch.