By dumbasdogshit - 11/08/2012 00:45 - Australia - Gold Coast

Today, I discovered that when a cyclist tears down the street, slaps you across the face as he passes, looks back laughing and flips you off, then crashes into a lamppost, he'll still blame you and threaten to sue, even after you rush over to check his injuries. FML
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PrussiaisAwesome 15

I like to see him try to sue. That would be so funny.

mzrobinson 13

Sue back for assault and harassment! (;


PrussiaisAwesome 15

I like to see him try to sue. That would be so funny.

Watch the cyclist try to post his own FML about this. "Today, while I was flipping a guy off..."

Is this FML real? He slapped you in the face but he didn't know you?

I don't know about australian court, but in america, you must have a court hearing to decide if there is a good enough case for it to go to trial. It probably would never make it past the lawyer that the cyclist probably can't afford.

Wouldn't the lamp post be considered public property so trying to sue OP wouldn't do any good, right? Not that trying to sue the city would be any better...

I don't think the cyclist can sue any one. He seems to be at fault for what happened


This is one of the most elaborate FMLs I've seen yet. Sue him back.

JocelynKaulitz 28

116 - I agree. Show them the bruise you will have on your face as proof.

I would like to believe that the court has common sense and will throw out junk lawsuits but the words "McDonalds" and "coffee" always come to mind.

jillybee101 7

If he can't afford a car, he can't afford a lawyer to take you to court with. Unless he's using the cycle to exercise and just decided to be a douchebag and bitch-slap you. Then Do the exact same to him; Run past him while he's on the ground, slap him, then run away while flipping him off. Do all o this with the most satanistic smile you can muster.

137 - I dont think it was a junk lawsuit, actually. she had severe burns on her thighs, bottom and groin because the coffee was supposively 30 degrees hotter than normal.

I've never laughed so hard! Don't worry OP. considering the speed that Karma gets back to him, you won't have to worry about the lawsuit.

@144 However, I don't think most people would get a hot coffee and drive with it in between their legs. Maybe if you have a thermos but a flimsy McDs cup? Even 30 degrees cooler would still burn your sensitive parts.

expertsmilee 26

I'd go check his injuries too. Gotta make sure they're severe enough for the dick level displayed...

"Your Honor, I'm suing this man because after I rode by him on my bike, slapped him in the face, and flipped him off, I then ran into a streetlight. It is his fault that I crashed my bike into said pole!" is what his entire case would be.

24- And would probably be voted YDI forty time more than FYL.

Haldami 2

The McDonald's lawsuit was about coffee that was too hot. It's not about some idiot who spilled coffee and sued because she didn't know it was supposed to be hot. Get your facts straight.

sniperkit 10

What 195 said. The coffee was way hotter than it should have been, and while only dumbasses put the McD's cups that close to their lady parts, she still suffered third degree burns all over her thighs and had to pay tons in hospital bills. She still would have gotten burned if it wasn't super hot anyways but maybe they wouldn't have been so bad. Regardless, it was way too hot and that's bad on McDonald's.

broseph_joseph 5

Ha. Serves him right. That's karma for ya.

Cyclists are some of the worst kinds of people >.

It won't be funny at all. People like that will always win, because everyone else ARE FUCKING IDIOTS AND WILL BELIEVE EVERY SINGLE WORD OF HIS BULLSHIT. Not you guys. You are cool ?

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No, that would give him something to sue for. Plus that's the bad thing and OP seems like a nice person. Only a dick would take his bike.

may651 14

Op is to nice. Beat that persons ass.

Don't take a bike unless you're Ash. Only then are you qualified.

That sounds good, take the bike so then he WILL sue you.

74 theres a reference in your statement and I can't place it.

Karma's a bitch for that dick, isn't it?

expertsmilee 26

I've often wondered, if when someone is a dick to you, and it's karma's way of getting you back, then is it ok to just go around being a dick to everyone as a conduit for karma?

145- Its a Pokemon reference! and OP, I would have laughed my ass off at the cyclist; Karma is freaking amazing sometimes.

145- It's from the first episode of Pokemon! :D Where Ash took Misty's bike and ran.

Link5794 18

And all the other episodes when he meets a new companion.

OP will have to pay $999,999 or whatever

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Confirmed for 12-year-old, too immature to actually say "dafuq"

jillybee101 7

Yeah too bad FML stands for FUCK my life, not frick my life, dicktard.

Blackmail111 9

And that's when you take his wallet and run.

And dump a bucket of rotting animal parts on him.

And after all that, ********** and finish while looking in his eyes like a boss. i know not to screw with FML commenters. You guys scare me.

klovemachine 24

This comment thread is awesome! XD

Is op a male? He wouldn't be able to use a tampon?

muis545 21
PrussiaisAwesome 15

Why try when you can sit back and laugh?

And throw into a volcano which erupts in midair and a giant robot appears out of nowhere and thakes his melting corpse into the center of the sun.

I wouldnt like to be the cyclists lawyer...

Lawyer - "so you assaulted a guy, looked back, gave him the finger while laughing and then proceeded to crash into a lamp post" Biker - "that's right. And it's his fault." Lawyer - "I don't think I can represent an idiot like you." Biker - "why not?!?!" Lawyer - "I don't want to be laughed out of court!"

mzrobinson 13

Sue back for assault and harassment! (;

148 cause the idiot made a random point of randomly slapping OP. Any form of public violence, especially unprovoked, counts as harrassment.

Let him sue, you'll win for sure. You might end up getting compensated after ;P

iHeartRKO 5

Yup, there has to be a video camera near by that shows proof. Plus witnesses. Counter sue if he does sue

mhopper 13

All this suing going on sounds expensive!

Doesn't it make you wish he was hit by a bus?! Although his family would probably sue you on his behalf.

I don't think that quite deserves being hit by a bus.

ArielTheMermaid 17

If he got hit by a bus he'd have go to his Spring Fling with a spinal halo

Just ignore him. You were being nice and he did not want any part of it.