By Trumpet - 28/6/2019 02:49
Today, my mom called me again to whine about what she heard about Trump on the news. I don't like him either and often agree with her, but she does this every 20 minutes so she can update with me. She's done this since he took office. FML
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By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

Tell her to change the channel... I’d recommend Cartoon Network

By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

Tell her to change the channel... I’d recommend Cartoon Network

By  Memnoc  |  26

Just be glad you still have your mother with you to talk to. Talking to you about Trump is important to her, just like she used to listen for hours to you talk about things that were important to you when you were younger. Do you really think she wanted to talk for hours on end about rocks and worms?

By  Henry8cooper  |  15

Well - it is a full-time job to keep you updated on all Trump's stupidities. Maybe she could just make a note when he does something stupid, and fill you in once a day. Or just tell you about his bigger stupidities. That would reduce the phone calls to maybe one pr hour.


"Trump derangement syndrome" = being aware of all the stupid shit he does and says, his constant lies and being embarrassed that he behaves like a foulmouthed spoiled toddler.
"Turn off CNN and start focusing on the real world" = watch Fox news and scream "fake news" everytime you hear something about the Trump that you don't like.

  stormy0307  |  16

“Trump derangement syndrome” = being so filled with hate for the president that no matter what he does, you consider it bad or evil or literally hitler.

Only his most diehard supporters think he’s perfect. I and most people don’t like him as a person, but recognize he has done a fairly decent job as a president. Especially considering how the media and Hollywood is obsessed with bringing him down and the collusion narrative.


Decent job? Like what? Saying he was going to drain the swamp then filling it up with his billionaire buddies, lots of them totally incompetent for the job, ie Betsy Devos or Ben Carson? Withdrawing from the Paris Accord? Giving a huge tax break to the wealthy? Lying about bringing the coal jobs back? Cutting down funds for Planned Parenthood? Engaging in damaging trade wars? Kissing the ass of brutal dictators? Alienating and insulting long time allies? Obstruction to Justice? Siding with Putin or Mohammad Bin Salman over his own Intelligence Agencies? Saying it's ok to let foreign powers interfere in the elections and that he'd gladly accept information from them on opponents, even if that would put him in the position of owing them something? Pocketing millions from the taxpayers by golfing in his own resorts every other weekend and charging the Secret Service full price? Etc etc. Yeah Trump has been doing such a great job. XD