By clumsy - / Monday 6 March 2017 21:41 / United States - Stafford
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don't let the cast get you down OP! hopefully your outfit fits just as nicely and you'll still look fab dancing in crutches! if nothing else, it'll definetly be a night to remember!


Seriously. As someone who dislocated her knee, you'd know. And you'd know if it was fractured, too.


I got a boxers fracture (finger bone in hand bends basically) and it didn't start to hurt until 5 hours later because of adrenaline so I don't doubt not thinking much of a knee fracture and dislocation.


Wow, so men can't be excited about going to a fun celebration that often marks the end of their high school career? I'm sorry, what exactly makes this a "woman's event?" How exactly does this make someone less of a man? If you're threatened by a party, your masculinity is very fragile. Here's what men can do to make themselves more of a man: nothing, do whatever the fuck you want.

I've dislocated my kneecap without knowing it twice so I actually believe that bit. The fracture? Not so much, that takes force. You might be able to walk it off but you'd sure as hell know about it.

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