By StephD - 20/03/2009 03:41 - Canada

Today, driving some friends back from a party I said, "Did everyone see Lisa totally hanging off of Pat tonight?! It was hilarious!!". There was a long silence, then one of my friends said " know Lisa is in the car, right?" FML
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I would hit "you deserved it" ten times if I could. You're sitting in a 5x5 box, and you're driving ie the one responsible, not that hard to figure out who is in the car with you!

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#10, #5 is a female, par for the course for them. If they didn't talk shit about each other they would actually have to make intelligent conversation!

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Not very observant, are we?

yes it was ignorant of you to not notice her there but then again it would be totally fine talking that way about a friend if she was there and you know that she can hear you. it'll be gossiping about each other, it's what me and my girlfriends do. we say things as they are.

How the HELL did you not know she's in the car?!

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ahahahaha idiot

Sounds like Lisa deserved it! hahaha

What does 'Lisa totally hanging off of Pat' mean? I'm a stupid foreigner so maybe someone would like to explain it to me what it means in other words? :)

basically lisa was constantly with pat..... 

My sister is Lisa and my boyfriend is Pat and I had to read it over a couple times to realize that you weren't talking about them. Ha ha ha.

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Mnemic, When someone is "totally hanging off" someone, it means that they are constantly touching them, hugging them, holding their hands, kissing them, have their arms around them. But not in a good way. More like a way that makes you think they should be doing it only in private.

Ahh, its clear now Rick_S. Thank you very much! :)

With you as a friend Lisa defs doesn't need any enemies. Also @14: It's not "totally fine". If you behave that way towards your friends then you're a horrible friend. If someone is your friend you don't badmouth them behind their back period. If they've done something you don't approve of you talk about it in private one on one. Both you and the OP need to grow up.