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By Jon - 18/01/2010 20:26 - United States

Today, I found out my little sister was a stripper. At the same time, she found out that when I said I was having a "quiet birthday with some friends," what I really meant was "hiring a stripper to jump out of a cake." FML
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redshortsx 0

oh wow your sister was the stripper at your birthday. that's fucking gross

Uhm, of course this makes sense. He hired a stripper to jump out of a cake, and the stripper in the cake was his sister. Ouch.


your sister was the stripper to jump. out of the cake I bet.

alexis1997 0

ya she was the striper

devendra_fml 0

is the whole world retarded or something?!

dvd175 5

*clap clap clap*

No shit, Sherlock

#1, #2, and #5 are all RETARDED. This is an epic FML. Hilarious and original. Favorite.

thats just gross

... Are your PARENTS brother and sister? Did they have this FML happen to them, and roll with it anyways? =S

deafgirlwalking 0

no no no mate, *slow clap*

that's exactly what I was thoinking.......good 1

michael32123 0

I had the same happen.... with your mom!! Zing!

at least it wasn't like that family guy scene. OH GOD.... COCONUT

bet your friends liked that!

no one guessed that... jeez kinda obvi!!!

Yes, yes they are.

this doesn't make sense! was ur sister the stripper ther... cuz that's disturbing.

flawedgenius 6

no. what would be disturbing is if you were turned on by it

^^^ This response. It's also really sad that both number 1 and 2 are equally stupid.

It's upsetting that I can only thumb this down once.

@#75 Refresh the page and you can thumb it down again. Much more satisfying in cases of epic stupidity like that. :D

Don't you just love family meetings? XD




smnc 0

Beast1226 - you are hilarious :)

211 and beast your stupid

I'm disappointed at how shitty the comments are. I was expecting something better for this FML.

tinetine_fml 0

This does not make sense.

I see this would make a good question on one of those reading comprehension exams.

CyclonePsycho 1

Fmylife.com should be one big reading comprehension test.

MissNicky_fml 0

His sister was the stripper

Life_is_FML 22

Stupidity. Do I have to spell it out for you? Really? My 3 year old cousin could've gotten that. " FML; now a comprehension test" Btw, you failed it.

redshortsx 0

oh wow your sister was the stripper at your birthday. that's fucking gross

pancakes_n_syrup 0

Wow you're the first person to understand! Thumbs up to you! (no sarcasm..the people above you are just really stupid and don't understand)

Part of me is thinking.... hey sis, you need to introduce me to some of your co-worker friends :)

I personally don't think OP has any right to be upset that his sister is a striper, upset that she was the one in the cake yes, but its hypocritical to want a striper and be upset that your sister is one. Just a thought.

gobbledegook 0

are you a guy?

TripleJumpMan 0

what the fuck kind of girl would want to have a stripper jump out of a cake?

R0lling_St0ner 0

uhhh lets think for a second shall we....hmmm what kinda girl would want another girl to strip for her??? oh I know a lesbian you moron

Chocolate_Chunk 2

Too bad a lesbian would hardly be named "Jon" and put in "male" as the gender. Moron.

fiblydinkerton 0

Probs not

TallMist 32

#253 I'm a bisexual girl and I'd be pleasantly surprised to see a stripper in my cake. I wouldn't purposely hire a stripper myself, but I wouldn't complain if someone did that for me. That is, unless I really wanted a quiet day.

threer 30

Male strippers exist.

Uhm, of course this makes sense. He hired a stripper to jump out of a cake, and the stripper in the cake was his sister. Ouch.

But didn't his sister recognize the address? o.O

I doubt they were at their home. But it would be better if she gave him a lap dance before figuring it out.

F**king gross man. No, no.

cradle6 13

Clever fml, funny. is it very plausible? I really doubt it. although it'd make a good sitcom episode.

flawedgenius 6

Actually. I think it has been used in a sitcom. but cant remember what. Stand up routines have covered this. and definitely a film (one example being Erika Eleniak in "Under Siege") there are probably others.

so....is she hot?

An answer to this question is required.

As are pictures.

HeyItsWill12 0

and cake

The cake is a lie

iBlazer 0


No the cake is real, you must first go through the portals to find it.

You can get to the cake in portal. Somehow. Just have to trick that nasty GLaDOS...

NaturalSelection_fml 0


dammit i wanted to do that