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  NandaPanda  |  22

83- I was just about to say that. She was not picking apples or buying them. Nor did she die, she was put under an "eternal" sleeping curse. She was in the cottage and her stepmother walked up disguised as an (ugly) old maid selling apples, and gave her one. Therefore you have nothing to worry about, OP. That man needs to read up on his classic tales... Next he will be saying that Aurora died while shopping for furniture!


83, 86- You're missing the point. Wise and/or creepy man was simply implying that Snow White died/was cursed/fell into a coma/ what have you from eating an apple. How she aquired said apple is irrelevant in the context of this FML.

  jococo7787  |  3

Yeah, but snow white was imaginary, therefore her apple was imaginary.if she picked up the apple, then she must be imaginary.if the old man whispered in her ear, then he must be imaginary.if they were both in the store, then it must be imaginary! If the store is in a city, then that city must be imaginary! If that city is imaginary and in Canada, then Canada must be imaginary! If Canada is imaginary, then THE WHOLE WORLD IS IMAGINARY! If the world is imaginary, and we're in it, then all of us are imaginary! OH MY FRIKKIN GOD!

  Crystal55621  |  19

Suppose you were about to walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night, and some man walked up to you and said, "I wouldn't do that, a little girl named Sarah got raped and killed in that alley." Would you say, "But I'm not Sarah," or would you choose a different route?

  Xalandra  |  17

No I think that would've worked just fine. Publicly shame that creeper. I'm just sayin' if he thinks he can get away with it he'll keep doing it. No reason to be that creepy.