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Today I started a new job, I found out that my employer doesn't follow the labour laws and my new co-workers are planning on reporting the owner of the company. The owner is my father, and I want to help them report him. FML
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Give your dad a heads up regarding the plan to report him. He may change his workplace ethics regarding employee rights.

That's why you shouldn't work with family


Give your dad a heads up regarding the plan to report him. He may change his workplace ethics regarding employee rights.

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I disagree. He knows what's right, and he's deciding to screw everyone over instead. He doesn't want to change. Better report him now before he gets a heads up and destroys evidence that could assist OP in their report. Even if he did change his ways for a while, he could go right back to his old ways once the storm blows over. By then, people will have dispersed and lost their motivation. It's better to take action while the movement is mobilized.

So do you know the father personally or are you just assuming? It sounds a lot like you're just assuming, since you only know what the FML says about the father.

That would be really bad on the business and for everyone, when you have something like this, your boss may fire you and by the time the suit is over everyone is in desperate need of finances. I'd say it is easier to ask him to lighten up and maybe use a way to tell him that'll get him worried but not defensively.

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There's also a chance he'll fire them all... better to make the report first. As the owner he should know that what he's doing is illegal.

I agree with #1. Give your dad a heads up, let him know you're not ok with it and remind him it's illegal, and give him a chance to change his ways. He is still family, and I think giving him another chance to make it right makes sense.

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They could loose their inheritance when it goes to pay for the Lawsuit from someone getting hurt, killed, or plain old OSHA gets involved and the company is Shut Down for ignoring labor laws.

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Tell your father either he follows the labour laws or he is getting reported.

That's why you shouldn't work with family

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Westerose, The iron company, Game of Owners?

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So do so. Illegal is illegal, regardless of who is doing it. I support you.

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Highly unlikely, as OP lives in Canada, not the US

That whoosh you hear is the sound of a joke flying way over your head.

Besides, DJT's kids are as soulless and amoral as he is.

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OP - what laws is he breaking? Underpaying workers? OH&S? Is it minor or is it large?

Give him a heads up, but don't tell him that others are in on it too. Just make it seem as if you're the only one that's planning on reporting him. That way, if he decides to fire everyone for being involved with this plan, at least there'll be only you (even if you're family) AND you'll still get around to reporting him with your coworkers to back you up when the government gets involved.