By VMV - 01/02/2013 23:53 - Spain - Abrera

Today, I desperately needed to pee, so I decided to confront my anxiety issues and use a public toilet. I opened the lid, only to see several huge, rancid floaters staring back at me. I had an attack, started sobbing, and pissed myself on the way home. Never again. FML
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TheDrifter 23

Good idea, flee and leave them for the next poor sucker to deal with.

I don't understand how hard it is for people to flush the toilet. Seriously, I am a junior in high school and there are disgusting girls that leave their used pads and tampons in the toilets. It's gross.


TheDrifter 23

Good idea, flee and leave them for the next poor sucker to deal with.

BlueFlatts 20

If she freaked out that badly I doubt getting close again would have been an option. The shit has eyes and was watching her, wouldn't you be afraid?

^ It was Mr. Hankey!

oj101 33

I just don't understand why people don't flush toilets in the first place? Plus, you should always have a pee before you leave the house, and drink minimally- if desperate, then find a cafe or restaurant, do your thing, and spend $2 on a cake or something.

yeah i heard that girls bathrooms are way grosser than guys bathrooms

I used to clean a restaurant when I was in college and I can tell you that on average the men's room is worse but women can be just as disgusting too!

TheDrifter 23

The men's room also sees a lot more traffic. Men are rarely shy about bodily functions that a lot of women do their best to avoid in public places.

I wish. In my school a couple guys make it their mission to pee ANYWHERE other then the urinal/toilet. I'm talking the hallway and the floors of the bathroom. Immature

Guys don't have that problem, we use bottles:)

Wow! Guys can shit in bottles?!

OP had to pee...

Obey_StudBoii 23

Lol #13

#13- I once saw a ship in a bottle.

CharresBarkrey 15

40 - I feel sorry for the guy who shat that out.

Yea well 40, I once saw a dolphin in the toilet...

I like the thread I started.


Shrouds 14

^^ aaaaand killed it

Next time try to find a shop or a restaurant with a toilet? If you have to buy something to use the restroom, just buy a bottle of water.

Cracker Barrel has an exceptional bathroom.

You realize you just suggested multiple public restrooms, none of which will help. Is this just sarcasm that I'm not seeing?

BaconDave manages the KFC, but recommends the Cracker Barrel restrooms. Well, ok then.

33, when she mention public toilets, I automatically thought of those port-a-loo's (if that's the correct spelling). The restaurant is definitely cleaner that those.

RuthlessTruth 9

I'm not afraid of public restrooms, but I'm absolutely terrified of Taco Bell's restrooms..

wagne057 6

Nothing like a good turd to turn your night to shit.

evan_7899 28

Sucks, i hate it when people dont flush

Yeah, and it takes less than 10 seconds.

Takes less than one second... The worst is when there's not even toilet paper to cover it up; why the **** would you drop that, not wipe, not flush, and presumably not wash your hands? Gross on so many levels.

AnyaS 19

My own sister often doesn't flush. This has been going on for over 10 years and she's an adult.

the worst bathrooms are the ones at summerfest here in milwaukee

If they were genuine floaters the person dropping them might have wiped and flushed. Sometimes these things return to the surface. I used to work in a cafe and obviously had to clean the bathroom as well. Those things can be persistent.

perdix 29

They had EYES!?!? I'm so happy we have urinals. Men just leave toilets in the most disgusting states. Luckily, they rarely shit in the urinals (yeah, you heard right, I said "rarely!"), so we usually have a decent place to urinate. Score one for the male gender! Droppin' a deuce could be much dicier.

Once upon a time, we had someone who kept ******** in random places... Sinks, showers, in the corner... We just dubbed him the mad shitter, and never found out who it was...

dmoran20 27

Same here, when I was I. The Navy, every ship had 1 or 2 Mad Shitters. You would be amazed at the places these guys would find to leave a shit.....

Do men find it very amusing? shit in random places, that is

RadeonDerp 24

I know I find it INCREDIBLY amusing. There's someone who does that at our school, and once someone went in to the bathroom, and there was one GLUED to the outside of a cubicle door, right at the top.

I don't understand how hard it is for people to flush the toilet. Seriously, I am a junior in high school and there are disgusting girls that leave their used pads and tampons in the toilets. It's gross.

I don't understand how people get shit on the ******* toilet seat!! How the hell does that even happen?!?Some nasty individuals out there.

Used pads and tampons... In the TOILET? You don't throw those in there! They go in the trash... You're totally right, people can be disgusting sometimes

thatpeachyperson 12

I remember not long ago, going into a toilet cubicle in school and finding blood on the wall. Some people have no sense of hygiene.

TheDrifter 23

A lot of the blood splatter on walls isn't some freak spinning a used tampon around for artistic effect, it's usually mainline spray, from junkies taping a vein. I used to deliver to an AIDS clinic, and their bathroom walls were always covered in it.

Some chick graffitied her name on the toilet walls using her shit, literally shit.

And people say men are more gross than women...

You poor thing. I would say plug your nose, close your eyes, and then flush... But it seems you have already pissed your self

I'm sorry that you have such severe anxiety about such a common body function. My first instinct was to laugh but I thought for a moment and, if true, realized how limited your life must be as you can only travel "pee distance" from your home. You should really look into therapy for this.

CharresBarkrey 15

I like your comment. I especially like that instead of putting OP down for their fear, you thought about what it's like to have it. Your advice is spot on. I'm ashamed to say that I have this fear as well, and it is incredibly limiting. So much so that I have left group events and gone home early because I had to use the restroom. There are therapists who specialize in this phobia, and it's very helpful.

could have just flushed it then used its not that hard. what are u 5 or something

BlueFlatts 20

My mental image told me it would have clogged and overflowed. Nevertheless I doubt the toilet seat & stall were clean either. I've got to assume the worst and sometimes toilet paper doesn't help.

For Op it is that hard since she has a fear of public restrooms.