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By lukey101 - 11/02/2021 14:01 - Australia

Today, I had my half-year performance review. My boss arrived 15 minutes late, paid basically no attention to my presentation, and left 30 minutes early. I guess I’ll go fuck myself then. FML
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How long was your performance review speech??

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His performance was probably great, maybe the man had public speaking fears and you shouldn't take it as a bad result. ******* yourself could be great if you're alone.

Unless you are a doctoral student, there is no reason your performance review presentation shouldn’t have been summed up in 15 minutes. Learn to summarize and get to the point. It’s better to let people ask questions about what they want to know more about than to put them to sleep with an over-long presentation. I shudder to think how long your presentation was going to be if boss left 30 minutes early.

It was my boss who scheduled an hour for it, and I spent a few days summarising & quantifying my last 6-month’s work. Not sure what you do, but half a year of my achievements can’t be detailed in 15 minutes. Thanks for the assumption nevertheless

So despite the schedule, 15 minutes is what your boss actually allowed you. Learn to work with that time limit. You don’t have to go into all the technical details to simply list what you accomplished. Let your audience ask questions - They will be far more interested than if you bore them with details they are not interested in. In my career I gave many talks and presentations. Unless you are a specialist giving a talk to other specialists who are interested in that particular subject it’s much better to be brief and summarize than to drone on when your audience is not interested. That can be difficult for a specialist like an engineer, because you are interested in the subject and fully aware of all the many details your job entails. But unless your boss is equally interested in that level of detail (which is almost never the case) then you risk them “tuning out” and once you lose your audience’s attention its really hard to get it back. Obviously there was a miscommunication between your boss’s expectations and what you delivered. Next time while planning your presentation get some feedback on exactly what level of detail your boss wants. By the way a few props (physical samples of interesting related stuff) and pictures will help hold the attention on non-specialists. Look, you cannot change your boss’s attention span and personality. You have to learn to work with that. You have to make the change. Otherwise it will impact your career.

Sorry just to be clear, I didn’t ask what you do and I couldn’t care less. I wasn’t asking you or anyone for advice, merely venting a frustration. But if I do need advice on anything from public speaking to engineering, I’ll know who to come to!