By Labro9 - 07/01/2016 08:15 - Australia - Perth

Today, I hate my distant visiting family so much that after work I take a detour and sit in my car on an adjacent street, contemplating reasons not to go home. FML
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Labro9 tells us more.

Geez I didn't expect that to get up. Cheers for the comments! Just a summary for those playing at home: - Family belong to my husband - Husband has spontaneously developed an inability to say "No" to these people - It's like living with a bunch of escaped institutionalized clowns - They depart in 108 hours - I have reason to question my life choices

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Your priorities are completely straight

Perhaps see if you can get overtime at your job to make more money while avoiding distant family working late. Win win.


Scorpio1691 29

not really. life is too short to spend it around people who are nasty and unpleasant.

I totally agree with you! I meant sad in the 'it's sad his/her family is so horrible, he/she don't even want to be in the same room as them' way. Not that OP is sad!

Scorpio1691 29

It can't be that bad... Everyone has that one relative they dislike... But at least they are just visiting. Deep breaths. It will be over soon.

But I'm not sure everyone can tolerate a family they dislike.

For most of us, it's a requirement. Part of being an adult is doing things you don't like.

You really don't know if it's "that" bad. There are families that you CAN'T just deal with.

Part of being an adult is also the ability to tell people you don't like that you're not going to put up with their shit. Sure, there might be consequences, but you do have the option.

That's short-sighted. My in-laws make me consider the pros and cons of lobotomies every time I see them, but my wife moves her family, and driving a wedge like that's is selfish and immature.

Your priorities are completely straight

That's really unfortunate OP, but I can completely understand that. My relatives can be awfully rude and irritating sometimes too. Just do what you have to do to stay sane.

disasterlydeed 26

But look on the bright side, they'll be gone soon! Just suck it up and deal with them while they're still here.

No, in the end, being honest is the only way to solve issues. First step to solving a problem is acknowledging that there is one. Can't just throw a blanket on it.

Perhaps see if you can get overtime at your job to make more money while avoiding distant family working late. Win win.

LalapaloozaChick 14

seems reasonable to me. we all have that one person we just can't stand in life.

I've done it. Cars are a wonderful place to chill when it's all a bit too much. Be glad they won't be staying too long! Hang in there, OP.

And if somebody tries to bother you, you can go for a drive or find a park and sit there for a bit

Goku_vs_Superman 17

Well, it's better then going home and butchering them now isn't it.