By Gibsonsgfreak21 - 25/03/2014 05:32 - United States - Northridge

Today, I learned the hard way that when I ask a cute girl if she's artistic, it sounds like I'm asking her if she's autistic. FML
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Hey everyone! I'm the OP! Didn't think my post would be this popular! I don't have an accent- I'm from SoCal, but I was in a crowded class so it was hard to hear, so she just repeated what she thought I said. I've been talking to her for a while, but I asked her if she was artistic because we were really bored in a 3 hour class, so drawing would've been a fun distraction (although I can't draw to save my life). When I told the story to a couple friends, they thought I said 'autistic' instead or 'artistic' as well, so I guess she wasn't the only one. Also- I've done a lot of work helping children with autism. I've never say 'autistic' because i believe in ability before disability (ie. Saying, "A boy with autism" is better to say than "an autistic boy"). I explained what I meant to say and she laughed, so the FML isn't THAT bad. :)

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#22- im nearly positive, unless i am socially inept, that this was an attempt for conversation, not a pick up line


For a lousy pick-up line?! That's worth a slap at the most.

#22- im nearly positive, unless i am socially inept, that this was an attempt for conversation, not a pick up line

"Are you autistic?" "Yes it's very artistic" -21 jump street.

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Maybe it's time to speak more clearly...

He could have an accent that makes it sound like he's saying autistic. English accent perhaps

Hey are you interested in art? Hey do you like art?

I definitely would't have been English.

it's hard to speak more clearly with an accent...

Or just ask if she's artsy instead of artistic.

the words are just so similar, I don't think it matters if you have an accent or not. I guess you have to annunciate the r with verbal force.

It is most likely a New England or Long Island accent

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Should OP be more...auticulate?

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I miss when FML used to post the city and state of the OP. I mean, it would be interesting if he was from Boston - Like the others said, it could just be his accent, as opposed to not speaking clearly.

Read the FML again veeerrrry carefully...

I'm pretty sure this was meant to be sarcastic.

It's common knowledge that sarcasm is difficultly perceived through text on the Internet.

It's common knowledge that the place most devoid of a sense of sarcasm is the FML community. Fixed that for ya.

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that must have not ended well for you...

He most likely has a New England accent, you can't blame him

23. There are other ways he could've asked then. Do you like art? Are you interested in art? Or he could've clarified

It's alright. I don't think "are you artistic?" Comes up often in conversation in daily life. "Are you artistic?" "Why do you ask? Was it this sketch of an animated mount Vesuvius rampaging through a field of miniature hulks, drawn only with bodily fluids?" Although I guess one could just be asking their science project group "who's artistic" for the purpose of assigning poster making duty as well. Hmm.

Give that b***h a stone, b*****s love stones!

Bench? Batch? Birch? I wish I could decipher your code words but you have foiled me with all your asterisks.

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so when you wiped the blood from your head, what was her answer?

Enunciate! It helps people understand you better!!

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What's the easier way to learn that?