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Today, at work, I was forced to nod and smile as a pregnant, fifteen-year-old, brain-dead Jersey Shore wannabe cussed me out for being rude by using words from a "foreign language" during our conversation. I used the word "pretentious." FML
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Ah the american education system

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#9- There are stupid people and ****** all over the world. It isn't just America.

Yes 23, but this FML is, in fact, in America.

44 the way you kill it doesn't matter as long as you kill it, and kill it good.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Yes 42, but he made it seem like this type of thing is isolated to America, which in fact it's not :P Sorry if I sounded rude, though! I didn't mean to be a bitch. :)

It's breeding, but I'm surprised it's even breathing on its own without being told: "Inhale... and exhale...", without questioning what language exhale is!

66-You just rendered your own argument invalid. I didn't even know that was possible. Now where's Doc's I-E.T.E when you need it?

66 - no. just stop trying. Colleges may be coveted, but our grade school system is one of the worst among first world countries. 67 - it's ok :) I respect your devotion to defend the image of the United States, even though you are a Shireling. Plus we don't think you are a bitch. Also, we share the same birthday!

9- the education systems are different everywhere in the US.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Last time I checked wasn't the american education system like at #15...? I know for a fact that Japan, China, and India are above America.

It is also the education system... My English teacher tried to promote the Pauly D project...

86- please shut up, you shouldn't say our education system is great if you can't even use proper grammar, yet alone speak in an intelligible manner. Please refrain yourself from talking anymore before we think you of as even a bigger dumbass.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

66 - We don't have the best at all. In fact, Indian has more honor students than our entire population. Sad, but true.

Guys, please ignore Barino. He is obviously a troll. Anyway, it's hard to judge the American public education system on a global scale because it's much more inclusive than other countries. Many other nations only allow the top performing students to continue their education, while America is much more forgiving, even allowing those who completely fail repeated chances to graduate. For example, a French teacher told me that only 60% of students pass Le BAC (please correct me if I spelled that wrong), the final test that French students must take in high school. If they only used the top 60% of American students, they'd likely do much better in these international tests.

Barano - You are not making a good representation of your country here, and you're killing your own argument with your inability to form a coherent statement. If you want to talk about the best education in the world, that belongs (as of 2010) to South Korea, followed by Finland and Canada. The US falls at #14, ahead of Ireland, France, and UK. If you want to spew "facts", please know them first.

9 And I can bet you don't know shit about America. I can make up just as much shit about your country too, but that wouldn't be a good idea on here. Do us all a favor and keep your stereotypical comments to yourself.

Speaking as a product of the Canadian public education system, I'm slightly incredulous that so many people have downvoted #9. The United States has, on average, one of the worst public education systems of any industrialized nation. American politicians have a long history of cutting education funding in order to lower taxes. I'm gonna assume the bulk of #9's downvoters are a product of this desperately undersupported system.

Hey 66, Canada, Liechtenstein, Australia, Hong Kong, Finland, China... What's one thing each one had in common? No answer to that question? They all had higher test scores in reading, math and science then the United States. By a considerable margin mind you. You have an average grade school system at best. Sorry to say buddy

134, look at Finland. Everyone is invited for free schooling, including post secondary, including doctors. They mandate only to a certain level/grade to give everyone a base knowledge, and yet they score 1st on multiple levels worldwide beating out the Uk, Canada, USA and a few other "highly regarded" countries, including France. It is not because they are exclusive it is because they care about education so they score high. Yes France may only have an elite few but most of these tests are done at age 9, 11-13, and 15-16. This is to ensure consistency worldwide where every country must have students participate.

170 - correction - ...'than' the United States. American schooling? :P

Truth. This has only got tons of dislikes because all these Americans know its true :P

It is. The teachers teach to the test the kids have to take. It's like memorisation. My little sister went to public school. I went to private school, so I hope that makes me a little better.

The Us ranks 17th in science, 14th in reading and 25th math.. We are failing miserably

66- I can see that you're a result of our poor educational system. It's okay, it's not 100% your fault. On a side note, education here in the US is terribly underfunded and it shows. If we mimicked the educational system that lets say Japan or China has, I think we would be more educated in general. Assuming this is still the case... Students wouldn't have ridiculously long breaks like "Summer break" that is 2+ months long. In other countries (like China/Japan) school is year round, which is how it should be.

149 probably some broke-ass 15 year old who thinks 18 years of supporting a child is cheaper than the $8 for a 24 pack of condoms

#177, I'm not saying that all other countries have exclusive schools, nor am I saying that all of those that score better than the US are exclusive, and neither am I denying that US public schools could be much better. I'm just saying that the education systems of many countries are exclusive to its to top students, and that pushes America further down on the education scale than it should be. Also, other countries have much more centralized school systems, while American schools are run by the individual states. Therefore there is a far wider range of school quality in America than in other countries. Measuring individual states on the global scale would be far more accurate than testing the US as a whole. What's ironic about this FML is that New Jersey has some of the best public schools in America, and the cast members of "The Jersey Shore" are actually from New York. Although I'm told that New York is none to proud of them either.

musicluvr2000 11

9- yes it's TOTALLY America's education system's fault because everyone KNOWS they're going around telling girls to get pregnant at fifteen. It's also their fault that someone decided not to care about vocabulary, but instead care about jersey shore. Yes indeed, it's all their fault.

saxetsasnak 5

Yeah, our public schooling system is really not all that great. I dunno what people expect when 5 years from now the beiber generation will be worked into the system in positions of power

#202, I agree that the US education system needs improvement, but we absolutely should NOT emulate Japan or China. Kids in those countries are worked to the bone. Personally, I prefer that my children are less educated and happy than super educated and miserable. Education is important, but there's also much more to life.

The world we live in... Soon it will be twelve year olds getting nocked up.

South Korea may have the best education on paper, but in reality it's horrible. Students don't fail nor are they held back. Most parents send their kids to after school programs because they feel the public schools do a poor job of teaching. I worked in a Korean public school for three years and witnessed first hand how bad it is.

All the countries can only take a few percentage for higher education. USA and France do that, as you stated in your example. The difference is that France picks the smartest and USA picks the richest

I hate pretentious private school kids like you that think private schooling makes themselves better than everyone else. Private school is probably where elitism starts these days. I've been in the public school system since kindergarten and I'm not of lesser intelligence than private school kids my age. I'm sorry not everyone can afford to go to private school. It doesn't mean that we're any lesser than you that do.

42- does Florida actually count as America? PS the first comment has to have the most likes I have ever seen

265- I'm not a pretentious private school kid; I'm sorry you feel that way. The school i went do really did not have any elitism, that i could detect. We had really smart kids, kids that needed a little extra help that were still intelligent, kids that were average, above, etc. all brands, and they all got along together and with local public schools, too. (things that every school has) I have 4 kids in my family, and half of us go to private school and the other half public. I missed a shit ton of stuff because my school just didn't teach it while public did, but I was good at explaining what little I did manage to learn(due to y'know America's system). My sister is a year behind me in school. She actually had to switch to public because the other (private)school wasn't giving her the learning support she needed to the degree she needed. She also told me that she liked both school, but she felt that the public schools had less freedom in what they wanted to teach. Please don't call me pretentious. That actually really hurt.

Also, My family could barely afford school anyway. I am by no means rich. The only reason I could go is because my mom took a job at the school and then took a second elsewhere, and I was bullied in all my previous schools. I was sexually abused by a classmate. Does that make me elite? Does that make me better than you? I think it just makes me cry.

drewfus2 6

Judging by the way "Jersey-Shore wannabes" speak, English probably is like a foreign language.

Public school kids have just as many opportunities as private school kids. We just have to be motivated and intelligent enough to take advantage of them. For example, public schools can offer advanced critical-thinking and creation classes such as Odyssey of the Mind. If you're in a public school and not getting the education you need, I suggest you get more involved. Talk to the school board or your guidance counselors, maybe even the principal. It actually helps. I'm sorry you were sexually abused by a classmate but that can happen anywhere, no matter what sort of school or environment you're in.

202 - (I stopped reading after your comment so sorry if this was said) Canada has summer break as well and last I checked we were 3rd highest. But ya they are underfunded.

308-Which I know. It just so happened at the one school I went to during that time was public. I changed schools. . Then I got bullied. The last safe environment happened to be a private school. I ended up at private school. I don't hate public school.

It would be great if more asians (not trying to be racist here, I'm chinese myself) moved to the united states, imagine how high the math test scores would be!

Even though America's schooling isn't the greatest, I don't think it's the schooling that is bringing on this increase in teen pregnancies and Jersey Shore wannabes, I honestly think it is media is feeding the young teenage population. Shows have begun glorifying such things as being a pretentious douche bag and getting pregnant at a young age. When you're an alcoholic rage filled Guido aka Scumbag, you get a TV show, when you're a dumb ass who gets knocked up at sixteen and doesn't think about the future of your baby and how messed up their life may be (I know some "teen" moms who are terrific parents and I know some who are shitty parents) you get yourself a TV show. I know that's not all it, there are people out there that are just stupid and feel the need, no the undying urge, to spread their stupidity on the earth like one would spread butter on a slice of bread. I have no faith in the future ahead and I'm scared of what world as a whole will come to. I hope by time that happens I am dead.

koolkat27 13

Well with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West being in the media 24/7, its no wonder that most kids will end up turning into idiotic ****** and bastards.

Do you have a source? I want to see where North Korea falls.

Your grammar, structure and logic are completely lacking. You are in a hole. Please stop digging.

Yes, only smart kids get scholarships, loans and grants, and no schools give preference to minorities, who tend to be poor, for such funding. Oh, wait...

The tests aren't an accurate representation. The US attempts to survey test the entire class. Japan, forex, will not test special ed students or those with disabilities, thus removing them from the "average." If you compare our top half to theirs, you get similar results.

Speaking as someone who was educated in the British, Canadian AND American education systems, I can state that all three nations use different approaches, and direct comparisons are difficult. I skipped a grade upon entering Canada, and could have done so again on arrival in the US, but one wouldn't guess from the present state of the UK that the schools were ever any better. And of course, in Canuckistani schools, you have to waste all that time on that French crap. ;)

And stupid whorebitches are everywhere. Encountering one proves nothing.

97- yes, there much better than the States are. Mainly because they are in school 7 days a week and only get out for international holidays. But with this being said, the united states do have some of the best universities. So really it's just how the child was raised and brought up. I'm from Louisiana which has a low education rating and I turned out fine. It's all about the child's want for it. If they want to be a dumbass they will be, but if they want to learn and be educated; well then all the props to them don't you think?

9, no, I wish people weren't trolls. #notrollzone

Umm...I can name plenty of of school around the world who have better educations than US. There are some school in Africa that have pretty advanced education. What you guys wait to teach in fifth grade, they start teaching you that in 2nd grade(I know cause I went to school there). And also Schools in China, I don't think they spend time sleeping in kindergarten... So Pshh yeah, there are way better (and I mean way better) schools outside the US. The only reason other countries come here to study is because America does not take diplomas from other countries(unless it was an American school built in that particular country).

WhyCantIDoRight 5
WhyCantIDoRight 5
BradTheBrony 19

44# No, she'd probably take out a cigarette and light it on herself.

pokerface71 14

Burn it before it lays it's eggs!

fylx100 19

I've lost all hope for humanity...

You lucky bastard to still have faith after all this time.

thejewishfuhrer 17

I need to get off this planet.

It disappoints me that this teenager is the same age as me. It really ruins it for the rest of us.

AdamTB 26

As 22 said, you have a lot more willpower than I do if you only lost your faith just now.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Everyone in any job has to deal with shit. OP sorry you have to deal with this crap just remember everyone at one point in there life will have to deal with this

I have a little bit of hope which will probably be lost during the next few FML's.

Inediblepeaches 15

I lost hope in humanity a long time ago. Come down into the deep waters of insanity. It's nice down here :3

Instead of "you getting off the planet", make "them get off our planet".

The next generation will be even worse, think of how the last was thought of by the one before.

2, Noor mentioned that we are negative 9000 when it comes to this. I'm assuming we are way more in the hole than just negative 9000 (FML reference).

This is why I think something like having a Hunger Games for the population of "Guidos" and ignoramuses would be a good idea. There would be book inspired villains like Moby Dick, Cujo, Darth Vader, and Lord Voldemort... Let the prize for the winner be a trip to the moon without any oxygen or another round in the games. I personally believe that to be the best idea ever.

24- Your name is a juicy contradiction, like Starbursts; they're solid, yet juicy like a liquid. I apologize, it was far too amusing for me not to poke fun at your name...

oj101 33
SailorSolaris 43

That makes 2 of us. I mean, seriously. Small words are common, but big words that actually mean something are...well...Let's just say most of the people I know would have to look up most of the larger words I use.

chunkalicious 7

Jesus Christ. I'm sorry for your loss. In humanity.

It wouldn't be coming to this if the younger crowd wasn't put on the digital babysitter, with shows glorifying stupidity and teen pregnancy. So, maybe people will realise this and humanity won't be so lost! :3

2ndSucks 15

It doesn't look like that's happening any time soon, unfortunately. Reality tv seems to get more pathetic daily.

Even the thought of this post angers me

ArielTheMermaid 17

I'm 15 and this post makes me ashamed to be a teenage girl......( ._.)

15 and you still like my little pony. Tsk tsk.

You should say," don't be such a lexaphane!"

BradTheBrony 19

An FML user and you still bring up pointless arguments about people's hobbies, not to mention as displayed in their profile picture. TSK TSK HURR

I'm 15 and from New Jersey, and I must apologize on behalf of my age group and state, although not everyone in that category is like that. Some teens in New Jersey, like me, aren't ***** and Jersey Shore wannabes.

beastiness 14

What is this world coming to....

your comment is exactly what my dad would say if he read that FML; accompanied by a sigh and a shake of the head

I'm pretty sure that's a standard response for anyone with a brain

It's coming to an assured end with the frequency that idiots are breeding in. I'm serious

It's funny how all the smart people are shut down by society. Yet the idiots are able to run a muck. I say we put them on an island and see what happens.

I ******* hate when people say something intelligent and get made fun of for it or put down, but say something that involves a sex joke then you are ******* cool, half of today's society is retarted!

BradTheBrony 19

Run amok. Not "a muck". I'm sorry, I just had to.

Thank you 242, TIL how to spell amok. :D

Igor must have grabbed another Abby Normal brain...

Slender_Man 6

Considering she's a jersey shore wannabe, she's probably bright orange.

I'd say she's a few colours short of a rainbow. They really should make people take some sort of test before letting them reproduce!

cookie_3008 4

Smack her with a dictionary!!

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

And a thesaurus while you're at it!

why, instead of just dazing her twice, not hit her wit a Dictionary/Thesaurus combo. The thickness of it and brute strength might actually finish the job and, dare I say it, "Kill it WITHOUT FIRE" :O

Then ship her off to the far end of the universe with all the other idiots I am sad to be in the same generation as.

The Chinese phone book! I heard it's thicker!

And a phone book!!!!!! Tell her to call someone who gives half a shit about her hormones.

Maybe you should get a job where you can use your expansive vocabulary instead of serving dumb 15 year jersey shore wannabes eh?

Using dumb and jersey shore wannabe in the same sentence? Seems a bit redundant to me.

I don't consider it a difficult word. But if someone is intelligent then you would KNOW that a 15 year old jersey shore wanna be wouldn't know it? Not saying op deserved to be cussed at but if people haven't accepted the fact that people are Effin stupid then YDI

kikimonole 13

Not everyone knows what that word means, you know. Just because someone might not know, doesn't mean that they're stupid. You need to realize that everyone was taught differently. We all don't share the same vocabulary as the person sitting next to us.

You must live in a wonderful world in which it is easy to find a job. Can I join you?

43 - It's not a strange world at all, you should really step out and see for yourself. All of our parents and grandparents are retiring, leaving employers scrambling to find replacements with a population that can not support the demand. My question is where are you that you can't see this???

8- I didn't know that such a word was considered only to be used by those with an "expansive" Vocabulary. And as far as we know, OP works at McDonald's. And no, we don't all have English under our belt as our first language, here on FML.

PhishloverA 14

#40, stop talking. You're an idiot. You're just killing yourself more and more everytime you comment. Not everyone on here has English as their first language. Secondly, just because English is your first language, doesn't mean you have to know every word of the English language

You're so ignorant. What if OP was a doctor? Or a pharmacist? They use pretty expansive vocabulary there, and would likely to be helping a pregnant 15 year old.

40 Of course not. Tu estás jodidamente estúpido.

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

98- Shut up. You have no idea what you are talking about. There arnt enough jobs out there, that's why so many americans and are jobless and homeless. Where are YOU that you can't see this?

No Americans are jobless and homeless because they are lazy. There are plenty of jobs out there for people with little or no education which for most people in this country is the case. People don't realize that a little effort is needed to find a job first instead of just applying for welfare and freeloading off taxpayers

I live in Canada where getting a job is as easy as walking into a place of business and applying. I've had 4 job offers in the past 2 months, 3 of which for unskilled high paying labour. I currently hold two jobs, why can't these people get one?

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

287- Americans can't get jobs because (my opinion) we have a crappy presidnt, who, at the moment, has gone on more vacations than all of the other presidents combined. He promised to bring are groups back, and they are all still there. Are economy is crashing (not his fault) and companies are laying off thousands.

212 - My apologies, I refuse to debate adult workforce issues with a 13 year old. Before responding try researching the topic "baby boomer retirement numbers". Then attempt a grownup argument and we can talk

So you believe that your president heads all HR departments and has a say in who gets hired and fired everywhere?? Wow.

I believe the op story was in ENGLISH. pretentious is an ENGLISH word. Which I was replying to the person saying not everyone knows the word. That's defending the 15 year which I never was. My whole point of this was to say that op should have known better than to expect the chick to understand it.

40- no its not.আমার প্রথম ভাষা হইসে বাংলা.

40- no its not.আমার প্রথম ভাষা হইসে বাংলা.

302- Seriously, all the bullshit coming from your mouth is utterly horrendous and annoying. No, we don't all speak english here, as FML is a WORLDWIDE app that allows people from DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE WORLD to access it. Pretentious is, as you said, a common word that most may know, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE is gonna know the meaning. Schooling differs from place to place, so you might know something that someone else in a different schooling district might not know and vise versa. Do us (and yourself) a favor and stitch your mouth shut. Have a lovely freaking day.

Even with stitches I can still type and enjoy my day as the negative votes come in. By the way OBVIOUSLY the op was working and speaking English which is what I was referring So do me a favor and gfys

332- It's ignorant asses like you that give America a bad name. I sometimes really hate some the people that this country has produced.

343- Oh stop being such a damned hypocrite and read the comment you made in response to mine. Who has bad grammar, now?

302- I completely agree with TheArchAngel, you need to silence yourself. Allow me to school you, shall I? First off, it is the masses of people who are ignorant like you that make other countries think we are full of ignoramuses and stupid hillbillies, it makes those of us who are educated Americans look bad. Second, pretentious originated from French, not English, so do your research next time you falsely spew information which you ignorantly know nothing about. And third, any argument you will have against me will automatically be invalid because I actually did my research before I went ahead and schooled you.

212 is from America, you are from Canada. In the states, it is INCREDIBLY hard to find a job most places. So before you go after someone's age as being a reason for not knowing about the workforce, think about the fact that FML is a global site.

Uh, that is shit that she's bitching you out for being smart!

The_F3rris 11

And thats why kids dont try in school. Even if they want to. The dumb kids rule and are violent because they have no intelligence and cant handle their stress with self control

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

What?! Your insane logic blows my mind.