By sleepy momma - 02/06/2013 06:06 - United States - Altoona

Today, after buying 3 new alarm clocks, I finally decided to video tape myself all night to figure out if my alarm clock was broken or if I was oversleeping. Turns out I wake up around 4am each day and turn them off without remembering. FML
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I've always wanted to record myself sleeping, but I'm a little scared to what I might find out haha idk

I'll sell you a high quality rooster for only $29.95. Just you try to shut him up in your sleep without remembering it the next morning!


carleybeak 21

Way to waste the first comment

You should set them all a half hour apart instead of at the same time. You might not oversleep then.

Doesn't matter if Op keeps waking up at 4 to turn them off.

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KingGeorgeGal 12

You should probably re-read the fml..

22- yes you are correct. I read it after 24 hours without sleep. I will walk away now with my head down and my tail between my legs.

you should probably go get some sleep and come back to this. You answered number 64, not number 22.

Here we have numbers like people used to have in the nazi concentration camps

I will take your advice 71. Thank you.

jojj351 12

72 - what the literal fuck

I had the reverse of that happen a few times. I would wake up at 4 then rush around to get ready think it was 7. Hopefully you can figure out a way to stop that!

When i was in high school, I woke up from a deep sleep one morning, got all ready for school, then I noticed it was only midnight, so I just went back to sleep, lol

Misswildsides 22

My brother used to climb down our stairs on all fours in the middle of the night. We'd catch him and he wouldn't even speak, but he would listen to what we were saying. He still has no recollection of those incidents.

In High School, I sometimes used to just sleep in my normal school clothes instead of pajamas. This way I'd just need to brush my hair and teeth and I was ready to walk out the door. Damn I was lazy! but at the time I thought I was being smart. :P

chlorinegreen 27

My brother used to wake up at like midnight and other times later like at 6 and drive all the way to school and then realize the time and just sleep in his car till school started lol

#28 On all fours? Like in The Grudge? That's disturbing. And #34 that's just disgusting.

Lazy, yes Disgusting? Ummm my clothes were clean.

Jelbeztok 17

how is what #34 did disgusting?

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Shit, I don't wanna give Enslaved the attention she's always putting out for, but ah well. It's disgusting because you should be showering your stanky ass. Or at least scrubbing with soap and water, you sicko. And 43, seriously?

SilverInGray 25

46 - she never says she didn't shower the night before. Unless you sweat an abnormal amount during the night, you can be clean without showering every morning.

46, I'm sure she means that she showered the night before, put on her school clothes, went to bed, then when she woke up, she brushed her hair and brushed her teeth, and went to school.

hooligyn123 18

Thank you #48 & $52. just because she did so doesn't mean she stayed in the same clothes or never showered. I shower in the afternoon after work and not in the morning. of course I'm a baker and getting up at 2am to shower seems absurd since I'm just going to get covered in flour and crud at work.

I've always wanted to record myself sleeping, but I'm a little scared to what I might find out haha idk

Ur beautiful...there could be nothing scary to find

alstbv12 13

I always imagine someone crawling out from under my bed and standing next to me the whole night. In reality it'd just catch me spooning my dog...

I know what you mean, i want to record myself but im afraid ill catch some ghost or something scary, and then i wont be able to sleep anymore.

Oh my god! I just remembered the Paranormal Activity. Now I cant fucking sleep. Lol

Try one of those clocks that wander around your room... annoying as hell, but may get the job done. Though, you may need to hide it from your sleep self every night, so you don't turn it off...

chlorinegreen 27

There's those alarm clocks that you have to figure out a math equation to solve. They make a lot of weird alarm clocks, I bet they even make one that can't be turned off at certain times just for people like you OP.

That's kinda what I was thinking- get someone to move it after she falls asleep

For a cheaper fix, buy a small hamster cage, a code padlock, and put your alarm clock inside and lock the door. You'll still be able to hear it just as well, in the cage, and you'll have to be awake enough to remember the code.

Slide them underneath your bed so you're less likely to get them in the night

But then the ticking would make you think it's a bomb.

BlueFlatts 20

And when it goes boom you'd wake up. Oh wait, maybe that's just my alarm clock that gets louder. Personally I'd just put it on the other side of the room.

You should get one of those rocket alarm clocks that would blow up, beep all day long and it would only be turned off if you find it.

I'll sell you a high quality rooster for only $29.95. Just you try to shut him up in your sleep without remembering it the next morning!

Don't listen to this man. I'll sell you my rooster for only 10 bucks. It's a great deal. But I must warn you. My rooster only eats the finest seeds and drinks the finest whisky.

My rooster goes all day.

What's up with the cock talk?

rhcpgurl 18

Don't tell her that! She might end up killing it D:

BlueFlatts 20

There is a cock killer on the loose? Now I'm scared.

Wizardo 33

Do mouse trap setup and foil yourself turning off the alarms, although it would strange waking up wrapped in bubble wrap...

I call that "sleep fucking yourself."

I would reserve that term for a different condition...