Don't do this to me

By backtosquareone - 04/10/2011 05:22 - Asia/Pacific Region

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. Devastated, he withered onto the floor into an inconsolable wreck in front of dozens of people. The ribbon of embarrassment that went down my spine was too much for me to handle, so I had to tell him I was "only joking." FML
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Yikes. That's why you should break up with someone in private

saIty 17

Operation make a scene in front of a crowd of people, to get girlfriend back, always works.


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Or maybe you should just get the balls to go and break up with them face to face instead of using the easy way out eg. Facebook

Or ask him to snowball you. He will either leave quickly or you will have a snowballing freak on your hands.

Oh. Looks like I forgot to write my comment in sarcastic font. I sincerely apologise.

FlyingLazerWALRU 0

It also gives them the idea you don't really care about them and never have.

1 - what are you 7? Be a man a do it face to face.

Oh darn I see that it was sarcasm. I'm sincerely sorry for my last comment.

Rarah 0

I already knew it was sarcasm :) you guys are too serious.

You're forgiven Jesus (as you would do to me).

It would be easier to talk about if we knew why op broke up with him

dudeitsdanny 9

I didn't think it was sarcasm, since I didn't see any indication of sarcasm. I did, however, notice it was a joke.

How could people not see this was a joke?

****, come on you guys he obviously just did what OP did and took it back, I see through your lies

free2speak 14

This is the most awkwardly elaborated FML I've ever read on this site. Seriously, "a ribbon of embarrassment"? Why do people feel the need to exaggerate when a simple sentence would convey the thought just as well, if not better? Maybe it's just me but I really can't imagine a ribbon of embarrassment going down my spine.

AquaNinjaSara 1

I did that once. Worst mistake ever. My best friend still brings it up and makes me feel like shit.

This is the reason breaking up over the phone was invented the after math is always ugly

Yikes. That's why you should break up with someone in private

The_Troller 14

And NEVER say youre kidding! Now you look like an asshole. And he'll probably stalk you. Nice.

And what if the next guy she ***** turns out to be just like her 'curren't boyfriend? Such a vicious cycle...

Not too private.... Some people are crazy as stated by OP bout their boy friend

I would definitely not want to break up with this guy in private. He sounds emotionally unstable. What if he were to have attacked and raped the OP after she said this in private?

Georgieeporgiee 9

Bless him!! YDI for doing it in a public place and getting his hope up again by saying "only kidding" :L

punkin_26 16

Very good point #92. OP needs to be really careful with this guy

You don't need no man! Stand up for yourself!

I did... Sorry. She bribed me with front row tickets to a movie.

Yeah, and you really need to learn how to bargain! I was ready to hand over the keys to a brand new BMW but you settled on the tickets...

that sucks but YDI for getting back together.

scenebarbie123 0

Plus, by doing that she looks like a complete bitch for letting him cry and then saying "just kidding"

YDI for doing it in a public place. People's pain should be a private thing.

disagree. the guy should just man the **** up

slushpup9696 12

^Disagree. Contrary to popular belief, men have emotions too!

She def deserves it how dare she take him to a public place and do this shame on you!! Everyone has feelings and if he's in love with her and this may be coming out of left field etc how is he suppose to act? She's probably being a hoebag and screwing someone else hey honey the grass isn't greener on the other side just wanted to clue you in

whisperingeye13 0

60- while it is true that men do have emotions, writhing on the ground crying is not an appropriate way to show them. So I think it would be fitting to say that this guy needs to man the **** up.

I agree with the first part of what you said, but would also like to add that women shouldn't act like this. Also, to those who said she should've broken up with him in private, given how emotionally unstable he is, there might've been danger to the OP. Finally, what's up with all of the assumptions? Why does she have to be a "dirty, cheating hoebag" if she wants to break up with a guy? Maybe it's because he's so emotionally unstable and clingy that she wanted to break up with him.

Dante17 6

Why make a person retract if that person doesn't want to be with you no more, is not good to have a relationship one sided

...for about 3 days when she breaks up with him for good

saIty 17

Operation make a scene in front of a crowd of people, to get girlfriend back, always works.

Your profile pic fits your comment disturbingly well.

yamatelle 19

Didn't we learn not to break up in public from other FMLs, OP? Be glad he didn't scream and yell "WHYYYYYYYY?" at every passing stranger. YDI.

hahaha thats true she really should have learned.

Devastated? That must mean he thought the relationship was going well, and was confident in his feelings towards you and your feelings towards him.

RedPillSucks 31

or clueless.... But you're right. Open communication would have made this less traumatic.

Wait, what? You think that breaking up with your boyfriend - who obviously loves you - is a funny prank? God, OP, I hope he will break up with you. Or that your next boyfriend pranks you on the same way. How stupid/insensitive/cruel can someone be?

No, she told him it was a joke because he was freaking out in public and was 'embarrassing' and she felt bad I guess. She had the intentions of breaking up with him but couldn't do it.

She didn't mean it as a prank, she just chickened out when he caused a scene.

I don't think the OP was pranking. I read it that she really wanted to break up but just said it was a joke to avoid a scene. OP - you are cruel and selfish. How do you think your BF is going to react now when you tell him that you meant it all along. You manage to break him twice and confuse the hell out of him into the bargain. He will think you are just doing this to deliberately hurt him.

18: maybe you should try and be in her situation and see how you'd deal with it. I am not saying OP was right in what she did but, seriously think if you were in her position and I bet she said it so quick she didn't even know what was coming out of her mouth

Ow...I seriously read it like: "because of the embarrassment, I didn't dare to tell him I was joking". Sorry, my mistake. But it's still a YDI. For breaking up in public and for lying about such an important matter. I'm with 18 on this one.

20 - I agree it's an uncomfortable situation but it's thoughtless to even imagine doing that in public. If you do then you should take the consequences. It's always likely that breaking up will hurt the other person more than you - that's why you are doing the breaking rather than them. Saying it's a joke to save embarrassment due to your own thoughtlessness even though it will cause the other person even more pain is selfish and cowardly. OP needs to accept the consequences of her own actions. 24- no probs' we all make mistakes.

RockstarRN 10

She wasn't joking! That's why it's in "quotations"

I like the wording of this FML... "The ribbon of embarrassment that went down my spine" is just awesome on it's own.