By .............. - Germany - Wadgassen
  Today, my friend set up a profile for me on an adult dating site as a surprise. It was a surprise alright. The picture he set as my avatar was one of me stark naked, which I sent to my ex shortly before he dumped me. FML
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  AestheticGuy  |  21

@64 True, but if nudes are spread amongst peers theres bound to be names included with them. Personally I dont see the point of taking nudes, if teens want to share their body with someone why dont they just do it in person. Sending nudes to anyone, especially somone who could potentially become a cold ex, is asking to be exploited.

By  Saffy89  |  13

Well now that escalated quickly..

  Nordrag  |  26

Some guys share every picture sent to them with their buddies. I can't say I've ever done it, but there was a time one of my friends got drunk and sent a mass text of about 30 pics of different Ex's of his to all his friends.