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Today, my friend set up a profile for me on an adult dating site as a surprise. It was a surprise alright. The picture he set as my avatar was one of me stark naked, which I sent to my ex shortly before he dumped me. FML
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Taking nude pics never tends to end well my friend

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So, how many dates did you get?


Taking nude pics never tends to end well my friend

Unless you count getting hit up by countless creepy people from an online dating site as a good result

#15: You realize the friend is a male, right?

OP delete it as soon as you can. Online dating is exclusively for losers...

But I can meet hot Christian singles online?

iLike2Teabag 27

Yes. Be sure to look for a dude named Tim Tebow!

@52 Ugh don't make me puke brah. And by the way we DID put that streaker in the other night ;) Back to surfers paradise with the lot of ya

Pro tip- if you're going to take nudes, don't include your face in the picture. That way no one can prove its actually you.

@64 True, but if nudes are spread amongst peers theres bound to be names included with them. Personally I dont see the point of taking nudes, if teens want to share their body with someone why dont they just do it in person. Sending nudes to anyone, especially somone who could potentially become a cold ex, is asking to be exploited.

Well now that escalated quickly..

2- Uhm, I don't believe it escalated at all. It just was, as it is. :p

12 - it's just a FML cliche #2 is using. Better to just troll her instead.

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46- Its actually a line from anchorman. Its used basically everywhere on the internet.

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You're friend was obviously having a

#3, let me read that back to you. "You are friend was obviously having a laugh" YOU ARE friend.

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Have you ever heard of the term 'mistake'?

This is FML. There is no room for mitsakes remember ;)

Some guys share every picture sent to them with their buddies. I can't say I've ever done it, but there was a time one of my friends got drunk and sent a mass text of about 30 pics of different Ex's of his to all his friends.

RedPillSucks 31

So, how many dates did you get?

Time to find a terrible picture of your ex and have a billboard made!

#23 I would just like to inform you that FML has a private messaging feature. You'd do well to give it a try!

Well at least you know where it came from.

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if this is me I would have been very upset what was he thinking sending a naked picture of you

I wonder if that's why they made an FML about it? Hmmm