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#14 i don't get why you are being down voted. 10/10 would prolly say sex that involves hip breaking is painful and thus not good... not to mention potentially embarrassing though hopefully the sex partner was concerned and helpful rather than judgemental.

By  ezrajab  |  22

How the hell did you do that at such a young age op?

  SpyroMello  |  29

I hate milk and never drank a whole lot of it as a kid and I'm not breaking any hips during sex and neither is my boyfriend who also hates milk. So milk has nothing to do with this.

  fishinpink  |  20

stupid phone I meant to up thumb not down thumb.
and this stupid app won't let me go bback and change it. and what really gets me hot is when I vote FYL or YDI

  GhostFox  |  33

Unless it was a significant fall, they still shouldn't have broken their hip at that age, barring some illness or condition thinning their bones or otherwise making them more fragile.

  MDoremis  |  38

Sometimes it's just the luck of the fall. I was 12/13 when I fell running in gym class and ripped all the soft tissue off my hip and fractured it. And only 15 when I broke both bones above my ankle because I slipped on some water and tripped.


remember that college basketball player that broke their leg when landing at just the "right" angle? when it comes to bone breaking, sometimes shit just happens. also, as mentioned they could have fallen ONTO something. maybe their was a "weapon" on the floor... like a bowling ball or a short metal sturdy side table with sinister corners. who knows?

  BananEnigma  |  24

Yup, this is true. I've broken a lot of bones, but one of the most painful was when I shattered the growth plate in my big toe... Just by going down a step. Bones are weirdos.