By Coeurdencre - 06/06/2016 03:33

Today, my best friend, who reckons I'm doing a terrible job at finding a boyfriend, has started giving out my number to all the men she thinks "look trustworthy" in the subway. FML
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My number was once written in a bathroom stall at a rest stop by a friend... I pity you. I know your pain.


At least they're kind of watching out for you OP.

Kinda opposite of watching out for her.. Giving her number to men she doesn't know at all seems kinda bad at making sure she's ok/safe

Does she find the guys in tux or the homeless men

Yeah anybody who eats at Subway can't be trusted. Just look at Jared.

Okay... if you didn't get it to begin with I don't think you have the capacity to figure it out even with all the down votes... #5 was making a pun about the restaurant, but OP's friend was giving her number out at a genuine subway... like the kind you use to move around a city...

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For those of you playing FML bingo at home, you can mark "That sucks, OP." We're still waiting for: "I hope you mean EX friend." "You should sue." "That's a shitty situation." "You need to talk to him/her."

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what if OP'S name is Sue? And she really should... something. Does that count or would that be cheating?

Time to get a new number possibly if unknown numbers start hitting you up. You might wanna have a convo with your friend and let them know that you want to meet a guy on your own terms Good Luck OP

My number was once written in a bathroom stall at a rest stop by a friend... I pity you. I know your pain.

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Doesn't seem like a goos friend if they'd lut you through that..then again I bet my roommate would do something like to me.

Sometimes friends do stupid... But you gotta love them anyways (:

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Nah I just spend weeks plotting my revenge.

weeks? slacker, a good revenge plot takes years of planning and decades of execution leaving them completely distraught, distroyed in body, mind, and soul with nothing left.

Wait... is your number 867-5309? I've got your number.

I once spent the entire day posting a friends skype info on **** sites... I know it's evil but it's goddamm hilarious when they get all those messages.

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Tell your friend to immediately stop, or you'll start giving out her number/posting it on Craigslist. Also make any Social media or profiles with your number private for the near future, if you don't keep them that way normally.