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By  imchacon22  |  19

Stalker :/

  Welshite  |  39

Or they may just go to the same gym. That does not make him a stalker.

I mean, I visit the grocery store and gym at the same time as the love of my life. All I have to do is make sure I'm not visible and to keep at least five meters distance at all times.

  imchacon22  |  19

Considering she said he's been staring at her yea sounds stalkerish to me. Plus maybe she didn't want to be rude by telling him to f*** off so that's why she promised to text back


No, a proper rejection is immediate so that guy can immediately put all focus and energy on other prospective females. The problem is, women who crave attention will lie to men, like the OP did, lead them on on purpose, waste days or weeks of that guys time (as much as possible) until he finallyyy abandons hope. And women do this for the sole purpose of parasitically stealing weeks of his attention, at his expense.. And then if that guy ever calls her out or stares her down for her selfish behavior, the girls blame the guy and call him a stalker (even tho he probably isn't in most cases including this one) and the girl justifies her lying based on that. When in reality she most likely rejected him for his appearance or height or money alone. God the majority of women disgust me..: no offense to the good women that are out there..


67- Or OP could, y'know, put on her big-girl panties and go up to him to say something like "I'm sorry I never thought to text you. Wanna go out for coffee?" or if she wants, "I'm sorry I never texted you back, but I'm not interested in a relationship right now."

Either way, OP deserves it.

  JennaNGood  |  21

I feel like yeah it was kind of rude for OP to not text this guy back, but at the same time, if he's the kind of guy who five months later, is still being creepy as fuck, OP kind of dodged a bullet there.

  oj101  |  33

Well, what if OP wasn't interested in him, and didn't want to put up with him? She is not obligated to text him. And to be fair, he dose sound a little obsessive if he's been staring at her. Should have just said hello once, or ignored her and move on.

  Pacifica1165  |  13

I feel like she wouldn't be obligated to text him if she hadn't promised to text him back. I guess some people, like me, believe in honoring promises more than others. Having made that promise, then she has that obligation. Or at least to be a little considerate to his feelings. Most guys I know appreciate an honest rejection.
And I'm not sure about the whole labeling a person that's been staring for 3 days as obsessive... I know girls that stare at a guy for years. Out of curiosity, anyone ever feel like somehow it's always ok when a girl stares at a guy but it's creepy if a guy stares at a girl? Or am I wrong?

  Freethaawave  |  19

OP should just go to a different gym after her membership ends. That's so awkward lol. She probably ended up not texting him for a reason, or at least was disinterested enough to forget to begin with.

  MilkyWay95  |  13

"hey I know this is a bit late but a promise is a was your work out? I saw you at the gym today" how exactly do you expect that to go lol

  \  |  28

Alright, now who's saying OP's starting a relationship of any kind??

By  HowieDoIt  |  21

While it is definitely awkward, it's hard not to say it's deserved. Don't make a promise if you don't know if you can fulfill it. If you're still interested, though, might as well go for him!

By  Tijenai  |  5

Should have texted him back. Don't promise to do something if you're not going to do it. Even if he was creepy, all you had to do was say "no" to him. YDI big time.