Alice99_fml tells us more.

I feel like my post didn't have enough information. No, my sister did not know we were together. I had not introduced him to my family yet. Yes, I did break up with him. No, I did not feel bad about it. Yes, my sister ended it with him after I told her what was going on.

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Jerry Jerry Jerry


*Dramatic music*

*Fade to black after shocking line*

... You are NOT the father! Ahem oops wrong show!? Hmm maybe not actually as it could be later on... To be continued... =)

Plot twist, OP's mom is also dating him.

*Plot twist* So is her father.

*plot twist* gangbang. :/

This is a real fml. Dang.

Jerry Jerry Jerry

\ 28

Or Wilkos! Wilkos! Wilkos!

"You said you would be out of town for business. The test results showed... That this was a lie."

*audience is going wild*

Every black lady is going "Mmmmhm damn right honey"

Every black lady is going "mmmhm damn right honey!"

*Both girls proceed to stomp the hell out of the guy while Steve insults his manhood*

*after finding out the results one sister flashes the crowd to receive Jerry beads*

booda_shun do you mean Steve! Steve! Steve! ??

Nah 45 I think he means threadjack threadjack threadjack.

If you hurry you could probably buy the rights to that plot for a romantic comedy

A romantic comedy usually has everything working out perfectly with everyone happy. I don't see how this could end well.

After a series of hijinks, both the OP and her sister realize that the boyfriend is a douche and that it was stupid of them to let a boy get between their bond. It's a film about women empowerment and the comaraderie between siblings.

^hurry up op, people are catching on

I've already submitted my form to own that scene. I'm gonna make millions

I'm in film school, I could help film it! :-)

On the bright side, he probably won't stay with her long either.

ohmygod. dump him (if you haven't done that already). btw, did your sister know he is/was your boyfriend? if so, get revenge on her

I guess that solved it self since he's with her sister right now that jerk. Hope his "gun" backfires...

I think a sincere apology is better than getting revenge.

No offense but you text ratchetly


Hopefully now he's an ex to both of you girls.

Well now you all know. It's time for that sister fantasy to come true!

You mean ex-boyfriend, right?

Why is this down voted? People on here are dumb

Because that joke became lame the second time it was used.

Didn't Seinfeld teach you anything? If the roommate swap was difficult, the sister swap is absolutely impossible!

Time to suggest a ménage à trois!

How'd your sister not know you were dating him?!

Because OP never brought him home or introduced him to her family.