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Hello all, OP here! :] I must say that I am so surprised that my late night ranting on FML made it on the site. XD Well I thought I'd elaborate a bit. x] First of all, it was a trip with my high school AP European History class to Italy and France. It was all planned out, everything was included in what we pay online, and I already had gotten my passport. I got a part time job early last year when I found out about it to help pay for the trip, and I earned almost $850 to put towards funding it, as well as earned my own spending money. I had to give her the money because the tickets were being paid for from her account. I have no clue what happened to the money I gave my mom for the trip, but for the record she was not supposed to pay for the entire trip. A few days after I gave her the money I had earned, she texted me while I was at school telling me that she had signed me up for the trip and that it was paid for, so I stopped reminding her about it. She had already told me that if I helped earn money for the trip I could go. Secondly, the "I gave up Christmas" part referred to the fact that I agreed with my parents that I would be willing to give up getting presents on Christmas this year and the last to somewhat make up for the money they were putting towards this trip. On Christmas last year I got nothing, but I was fine with it because I was expecting to be going on this trip. They didn't tell me then that I wasn't going, they just didn't get me anything and let me keep believing. Thirdly, by "hinting", I literally just meant occasionally hinting that I wanted to go on the trip. I left the brochure laying around, forwarded emails from my teacher about fundraising options, mentioned it when my mother asked about my day at school etc. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a dang coward about inconveniencing people, never asking for things, never getting in people's way and always trying to avoid causing them trouble.. But when I realized I really wanted to go on this trip, I went about hinting about it, I wouldn't say that I was pestering her all that much. x] I did remind her about paying, but only after she told me I could go if I got a job to help pay for it. :P On the bright side, at least I have the spending money I saved up. :P

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Well you're handling it better than I would, that's just fucked up.

Your mom sounds like a terrible person.


Your mom sounds like a terrible person.

Seriously? Wow that's ridiculous, it's gonna be a long way down the road until you can gain her trust back.

#47: first, how is that even relevant to #1's comment? Sorry you weren't here in time for your comment to be at the top, but that's no reason to hijack someone else's. Second, I think you mean it will be hard for the mother to gain back OP's trust. Not vice versa.

why would the mother need to gain back trust? she's the one who pulled the dick move letting op believe they were going to Europe.

\ 28

I stand by my assumption that not all people are made to be good mothers or fathers. On another note, I wonder how OP can craft such a witty username in a time of extreme disappointment...

OP's mom is just a straight up bitch, no need to sugar coat things. What kind of person thinks "hmmm well my child really wants to go on a trip, instead of outright saying no, I think I'll just get my child's hopes right up there, them smash them with a bloody hammer" OP's mom is a terrible person.

Kinda sounds like OP wasn't taking no for an answer though. It was still shitty of the mom to do that but I hope OP has learned a lesson about persistently nagging for things the family apparently can't actually afford.

it seems a lot of moms are terrible people.

Really sounds like a win by mom plus the kid sounds like an idiot she should of head the flight info for a week before. and Christmas isn't about gifts. Oh boo ho I didn't get a new car my parents don't love me. suck it up get a job. great job to the mom for teaching her kid a life lesson. Nothing is handed to you

That was pretty sad of your mom to do that, however it is a hellishly expensive present.

That's no excuse to lie about it. She should have just told her no. What a terrible thing of OP's mother to do. I am sorry, OP.

Yeah that is really expensive, all the more reason to say no in the first place!

Parents are obliged to do things like this for for their children.

84 - I think you forgot "not" least I hope you did.

I'm confused as to if 84 meant parents are obliged to lie to their kids, or if they're supposed send you to Europe. If it's the latter, where the fuck are my tickets!?

84- You say parents are obliged to give their children expensive things? Well, tell my mother I expect a new Ferrari in the driveway tomorrow.

71- Yes, it's expensive, but OPs mom didn't say no. She was a scheming bitch who lied about it.

Saying no in the first place would have been okay, wrong way to go about it.

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If my huge trip I planned for a long time got cancelled, I'd curl up and stay in my room.

I don't blame you for being upset, that really sucks :( at least you can take some small comfort in spending the holidays with your family...?

With a mother like that?

If I were OP, I wouldn't spend it with the mother.

OP shouldn't resent her for it. Even though what she did was really messed up, she still is OP's mom and OP should give her the respect she may or may not deserve.

Haha, no. By that logic, you're saying that moms who are alcoholics or beat their kids should also be respected. If they don't deserve respect, then there's no reason to give it to them. In this case, OP has every right to be angry and not trust their mother.

With his mother, I'm not sure he wants too

103- I'm not gonna give someone respect if they don't deserve it. That's just stupid.

Wow that is really rude of her... I don't really understand why she'd do that. Sure the trip would probably be pretty expensive, but if your mom didn't have the means to pay then why did she tell you she did? Should have just said no.

OP didn't say that the mother didn't have the means to pay...just that she didn't. Still crap though.

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If OP was planning to go to Europe, chances are either they have a passport or are old enough to get their own. Also, most people order their tickets online these days, so they probably wouldn't be sitting around somewhere.

You'd still have the e mail confirmation though.

If her mum was meant to be buying the tickets then surely it would go to her email. What's the OP gonna do, snoop through someone else's emails?

154- So do you often snoop in your mother's email looking for stuff?

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^ ya think?

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What's so bad about Bakersfield?

#70 In Bakersfield, one time as I was walking out to the car parked on the pavement, my tennis shoes sole started to melt away. It was like walking on a floor full of gum. It was a lovely frkn summmer -.-

It also has the poorest air quality in California.

Looks like the Bakersfield Bitches have their panties all up in a twist this morning. Northridge rules -- suck it!

\ 28

If you value your personality, ego, and mental and physical well-being, you will not visit California.

Well California doesn't want you either Booda_Shun!

Yeah look at all the miserable and obese people in California...Oh wait...

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It was supposed to be a gift you idiot.

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It's pretty obvious, since OP has been "hinting" at it and "gave up Christmas" for it, but that still doesn't warrant you being called an idiot. Some people are just rude.

You don't just give gifts on Christmas. I'm gift as in nice gesture.

Really? It says nothing about it being a gift in the FML. It implies that OP would be in Europe during Christmas ("I gave up Christmas for this trip"). It does not, however, indicate in any way that it was a Christmas present.

I think the implication is pretty clear.

1) I misread your first reply. 2) It should have been pretty obvious that it was supposed to be a gift.

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It's as obvious as a white man at an all black party

ZomBoy - Why be disappointed? Because OP's mother obviously said she had booked the trip, and the day before she was supposed to leave, she finds out 1) she's not going and 2) her mother is a big fucking liar. That's not selfish, it's defeated expectations. You're not very bright, are you?

Also, I'm 20 and my mom still pays for basically everything. Not every teenager/young adult, which I'm assuming OP is, has the time to get a job. How is that bad that she offers her a trip to Europe ? Plus that is completely irrelevant. The mother lied. It's not like OP was complaining about her mom refusing to pay...

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why are people assuming they're old enough to plan their own trip? nothing here indicates that in fact it indicates otherwise since the fml implies that OP is. still living at home with the mother and asking to go on a trip probably a teenager.

@22 nothing about the FML implies it was a Christmas gift... there is no obvious implication and I actually am pretty sure the ones jumping to that conclusion are wrong here. why would OP saying they were giving up Christmas mean it was a Christmas gift.. how would it being a Christmas gift mean they have to give up Christmas..?? neither makes a logical connection. the only thing it implies is that the trip was going to last over Christmas and they'd miss celebrating it. although I also don't see why being in Europe would stop OP from celebrating Christmas they have Christmas in Europe.. unless their family was staying behind and they were supposed to go alone. Either way the trip being a gift especially Christmas gift specifically is not even a valid assumption.

@60 I agree with the you don't lie like that part of your comment but why say it sounds like OP acted selfishly begging and whining and complaining not droping it driving the Mom crazy till she gave in..? that's not what it says.. it said says the Mom said she did it so OP would stop *hinting that she wanted to go. didn't say begging it also doesn't say the mom ever said no then they kept asking so doesn't sound like the mom ever tried just saying no either..

OP is obviously not gonna say, "I was being a selfish and annoying twat and my mother was desperate to shut me up". I'm not saying OP WAS being selfish and annoying but its not like they'd admit it if they were pissed at their mom. We only have one side of the story.

what 20 year old doesn't have time to get a job? no offense. I know school but if your parents pay for everything you should have time to. also, if I wanted a vacation I would sure as hell work for it myself not ask my parents to pay even if they have the money. yes I know. bring on the downvotes.just my humble opinion

142 thank you I was thinking the same thing. How selfish and lazy of a 20 year old to allow her/his parents to pay their way. I'm 19 and I pay for everything of mine. I just finished paying for a three week overseas vacation which I paid for and organised myself. My mother said if I needed help with money she would help me but then decided she didn't have any money to spare. I can't blame her for that because I have a job and a means of paying for my own trip and I am not her responsibility anymore. The way I saw this FML is that OP was harassing her mother to the point where the mother just said yes to shut her up. Not the right thing to do but working in a candy store shows you how far a kid can push it. OP should take this as a lesson to not expect another person to pay her way through life. You have to help yourself in this world.

31- Repititon of your claim won't make it any stronger. You are wrong, just accept that.

#11, OP commented at the bottom and said "I agreed to give up getting Christmas presents for this trip." I don't actually understand how you could misinterpret "I gave up Christmas for this trip."

Justy101 & sprinkesrdelish: There is a difference between "I'm upset because I didn't get my trip to Europe when I really wanted to go" and "I'm upset because my mother lied to me about paying for my trip to Europe" If the mother said No in the first place, there wouldn't be a need to lie, and the daughter wouldn't be expecting a trip so chose to the travel date.

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#13, tell her to go to Helsinki!

If OP's mother couldn't pay for a promised trip or just didn't want to for any reason, she should not have lied about it. I don't know how old OP is, it could have been one of those high school trips abroad, which would mean OP probably doesn't have the means to pay for her own trip to Europe. Why do some people think parents can treat their children however they want to because they raised them? OP's mother should not have made a promise she couldn't/wouldn't keep!

Take her to Chernobyl

@20 Right! why do people act as if all parents are saints or that children owe them something or overwhelming gratitude for "everything they've done for you" when it's sort of their job their duty to do those things.. also its the law. some parents do go above and beyond and deserve that recognition but simply because they had sex and got prego and had to take responsibility for that does not mean they're owed something for it...

13- Why would OP take her mother on a trip to Europe when her mother flat out lied about OP being able to go? Or, here's an idea, OP should tell her mother she's gonna take her, tell her they're gonna be at the best hotel, take the mom shopping, get her to buy really expensive clothing, and then tell her a day before they are supposed to leave they can't go because OP didn't pay, and see her mother's reaction.