By Anonymous - 31/12/2015 18:15 - United States - Hyde Park

Today, I woke up to the sound of my psycho ex trying to break down my apartment door. FML
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I hope you called the police and everything worked out, OP!


I hope you called the police and everything worked out, OP!

Not likely. My downstairs neighbor broke into my apartment two weeks ago while I was in bed, started throwing around furniture (including my computer desk) and shouting he was going to kill me. The police came and made a show of processing the scene, but a week later they told me straight out they have more important things to do than serve warrants for breaking&entering and assault.

Omg! I hope the police got there fast!

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What is wrong with people!!! Restraining order is a must have in this case .. Hope you're ok OP

Restraining orders are just a piece of paper that keep the honest honest. If they are willing to bust down a door, they already face at least breaking and entering, trespassing or vandalism. Violating a piece of paper that says no won't stop them. A gun on the other hand will once they break down that door.

It makes their punishment worse so having it helps

hopefully you had your gun ready for when he stepped through the door.

you do know that it could be a woman as well, right? if it was said to be a woman breaking in, everyone would say, "She can't hurt him or anything.," but if it's a man breaking in, feminists jump all over it screeching, "THAT ASSHOLE NEEDS TO DIE. CIS MALE SCUM!"

Yea maybe get a restraining order....or move far away from their psycho ass

Restraining order, a taser and a large-gauge shotgun.

What the **** would her reason be? Get over that person because it obviously didn't work out. Simple as that. :/

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It's simple to any sane person but I highly doubt OP's ex was thinking rationally at that point in time.

OP never specified their ex's gender :/

Like any respectable psycho ex, she's probably just trying to ensure you get your New Year's kiss and that she get a few locks of your hair.

Time to rekindle the romance for a new year, eh?