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  noparlpf  |  13

Not likely. My downstairs neighbor broke into my apartment two weeks ago while I was in bed, started throwing around furniture (including my computer desk) and shouting he was going to kill me. The police came and made a show of processing the scene, but a week later they told me straight out they have more important things to do than serve warrants for breaking&entering and assault.

  stormy0307  |  16

Restraining orders are just a piece of paper that keep the honest honest. If they are willing to bust down a door, they already face at least breaking and entering, trespassing or vandalism. Violating a piece of paper that says no won't stop them. A gun on the other hand will once they break down that door.

  skalavecci462  |  13

you do know that it could be a woman as well, right? if it was said to be a woman breaking in, everyone would say, "She can't hurt him or anything.," but if it's a man breaking in, feminists jump all over it screeching, "THAT ASSHOLE NEEDS TO DIE. CIS MALE SCUM!"