By Anonymous - 28/07/2014 02:48 - United States - Fresno

Today, I watched a manager and a co-worker sit underneath a table in our store all day as I got yelled at for not working hard enough. I was the only one actually working. FML
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CaiDog 20

If you were the only one actually working, who yelled at you?

If they do that often, go in early one day and squirt some glue on the floor under the table. That should teach them a little lesson. Lazy farts.


CurlyQute 17

This situation happens to me all the time

JMichael 25

Sounds like you and OP need new jobs then. You don't need to allow yourself to be used that way.

Or if there are cameras and higher management just report them. Many people may be skeptical to report their manager to a high up but really if they aren't doing their job its often appreciated by the higher ups.

incoherentrmblr 21

The conundrum of managers to employees...

Rainhawk94 27

Seems like this coworker is the type that will get noticed more no matter how hard you work

That, or the Co-Worker was actually being taught how to clean the gum up from under the tables.

That sucks. But if you keep up the hard work I'm sure you'll get the recognition you deserve.

CaiDog 20

If you were the only one actually working, who yelled at you?

Don't put up with more than you can handle, unless there are no jobs anywhere else. It won't get any better until they leave or you leave.

You should've joined them :p

Say look at the cameras an see I work they don't so don't bitch lol

If they're anything like my old job they'll make up the excuse that the cameras don't catch that area when it clearly does or that the camera is just there for show..

I'm kinda wondering what they were doing under the table.

I'm wondering where OP works, is this a walmart or is this a restaurant? Cause the restaurant image is a whole lot funnier in my head. "Sorry you can't be seated at that table, my manager and coworker are currently busy hiding under it"

TanzWolf 26

Welcome to customer service.