By anon - 10/06/2012 21:14 - United Kingdom - Romsey

Today, I discovered that my expensive new shampoo smells exactly like my ex-girlfriend. So now, whenever I shower, I'm showered with depression. FML
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i usually smell shampoo before i buy it

13scarlett13 4

What happened to step four?


JocelynKaulitz 28

Put it this way: Your shampoo doesn't smell like your girlfriend, your girlfriend smells like your shampoo. If that doesn't help, mix it with some other scent.

I agree with # 6. Stop using that shampoo. There's no use in wasting perfectly good shampoo, so just put it somewhere else and buy a new shampoo.

smileeee_fml 0

Get a new shampoo if it's going to always make you feel depressed when using it... Take care, Garnier.

LoganBurrito 6

30- Goddammit why did I have to open your profile?! I hate you!

Why would u get shampoo that smells like a girl anyways ydi

71- Please, you don't need to look at my profile to hate me. Just my name.

Same kinda thing happened to me OP. Switch shampoos right away!

Actually, he should try not to switch shampoo at first, he should try to link it to a somewhat more happy experience, like a good shower after a hard workout or something. This may help him to overcome his depression. But, OP, if it's really that bad, you should indeed switch shampoo, better to lose some money than enduring such pain.

^ did you just console a dandelion and not OP?

23- He said "he", talking about OP. I'm a girl anyway.

Change shampooooooo!! just remove every painful thing. Store them away. And then when op feels like he has moved on and can face the memories, he may collect them. this is how I dealt with heartbreak, except I threw everything away. Regret it now, but life goes on..


13scarlett13 4

What happened to step four?

step four: sue for side effects step five:??? step six: profit

JustDerpin 11

getting over someone isn't as easy as you may think it is.

17, *note* will only work if you're an American citizen. (I can say that. I'm American)

pandapoof42 3

okay step 1: don't forget step four. step 2: spell cymbalta correctly

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

That sucks... But maybe in some weird way it can help you get over her OP. :) if not just change shampoo.

You could just wear a nose plug in the shower!

hamrtym 15

You could also pour the shampoo in the toilet, take a piss on it and wave goodbye as you flush. If you really want revenge, take a shit on it. Bet it won't smell too good after that!

That's why you should have got head and shoulders.

perdix 29

But, I don't really want the shoulders part.

RedPillSucks 31

Don't knock it. A shoulder job is almost as good as a head j.... Who am I kidding. Where do I line up for a good head?

Perhaps it's a sign for you to get a new girlfriend?

i usually smell shampoo before i buy it

coconut island breeze or berry blast? oh wait, you're a man so it would be "sport" or "extreme"

TarieBoo 2

14- I saw a shampoo called manly man._. haha

egc573 40

Poor thing. Just throw the bottle out. I know it was expensive, but keeping that shampoo will cost you more than money if you really are depressed. Hope you have better luck in the future!

Shit I just use head n shoulders. It's for more than just dandruff OP. You get that Palamalu hair and you will be picking up chicks In no time.

FYL man, but I appreciate your play on words. Nice one.