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  Duuvve  |  13

Actually, he should try not to switch shampoo at first, he should try to link it to a somewhat more happy experience, like a good shower after a hard workout or something. This may help him to overcome his depression. But, OP, if it's really that bad, you should indeed switch shampoo, better to lose some money than enduring such pain.

  riax  |  9

Change shampooooooo!! just remove every painful thing. Store them away. And then when op feels like he has moved on and can face the memories, he may collect them. this is how I dealt with heartbreak, except I threw everything away. Regret it now, but life goes on..

  hamrtym  |  15

You could also pour the shampoo in the toilet, take a piss on it and wave goodbye as you flush. If you really want revenge, take a shit on it. Bet it won't smell too good after that!

By  egc573  |  40

Poor thing. Just throw the bottle out. I know it was expensive, but keeping that shampoo will cost you more than money if you really are depressed.

Hope you have better luck in the future!