By Kris - 07/08/2011 20:37 - China

Today, at my workplace, a TV was installed just above my register at work which plays the same mind-numbingly awful 13 second ad on loop for the duration of our latest sale. The sale lasts for what are going to be three very long weeks. FML
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Either fake an injury or kill your boss..

Just wait until Christmas!


Either fake an injury or kill your boss..

HowAreYouToday 34

Yep, that or change the channel...

6-Wish I'd thought of that.. :/

fake a sickness sounds good. "cough cough im sick can't come into work today, hold on honey I'm talking to my boss I will walk the dog later"

HowAreYouToday 34

It ok, 1, I'm a professional troll

unplug the tv. flawless plan.

HowAreYouToday 34

Killing your boss and doing time is always a preferable alternative to getting a short lecture, right?

Free food in jail..? :D

HowAreYouToday 34

True that

I vote kill the boss... Like a boss? Mindfucked myself

HowAreYouToday 34

Bitch, please.

bitch please II ftw

i get that its irrelevant but u guys seriously dont like that song? aww:/

Jammy01jams 2

I have seen this exact same fml like three months ago.

Don't be a Dick.

37 is that suicide?

Fuck bitches get money

You can loosen the bolt and say they must have not put it in right.

there are probably subliminal messages in it telling you to do horrible things. heh heh.

I'd like to bend her over and show her the 50 states.

U would then have to hide the body and write another FML about it

92 get laid, get paid also works;)

Just wait until Christmas!

Sex the halls with boughs of holly falalalalalalala. It gets old after hearing it 19 times a day. Especially if you happen to work at hallmark.

Sex? Freudian slip? Lol

I definitely meant deck* autocorrect... Sad

At least it didn't get corrected to dick..

Don't worry girl, I know that you were just thinking of me when you wrote sex ;)

25-yeahh maybe :P and 55-uhm sure.

Don't worry I'll keep ya safe

59-oh good. I was worried there.

Just remember autocorrect is wut u type alot well good for u for not being a cock block

Your boss is trying to brainwash you.

solution :big headset

How the hell did this FML even get posted, it is the most fucking stupid one I've ever seen, I wrote better ones and heard better ones that didn't get posted

Atleast it's not trololo or Rick Roll...

Solution: break tv.

Does geico save you money? Did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?

If op broke the tv he would probably get fired or have to pay for the damages.. so that's not a good idea haha

For person with trollface as their pic you don't troll that much

122 - OP could just blame it on the temp.

128- Problem?

128- Perhaps that is the troll.

Put on some bass-booster headphones and jam out all day! Or just shoot the tv...

You drive a civic don't you...

Nice lol! That's funny

they're trying to brainwash you

The Iilluminati are everywhere.

21, people are oblivious of how much the illuminati and government facilities control our day to day lives it's almost scary to think of.

The "lilluminati" ? Like the tiny illuminati ?

No illuminati talk. I come on fml for laughs. If I wanted to think about the illuminati I'd spend all night watching YouTube videos about them like I tend to do about once a month

what if the illuminati want you to know of illuminati to scare you and distract you. and then if you talk to people about them they'd think "paranoid nutbag" or maybe the illuminati is your scapegoat to what's happening. weird shit!

Lol, I've mentioned the Illuminati in multiple threads as a joke XD. I love saying it because the crazies get their panties in a bunch.

Well 89, it seemed to have worked. you got me going.

I wouldn't want to be a customer at your register after you had a day of hearing that...good luck

Invest in noise canceling headphones.

Cuz that's really efficient when working.

Yeah cause I want to go to a cashier who's wearing headphones...


Invest in a new picture.

Imitate it really obnoxiously.. You could have fun with it.

Call your boss a ragin octopuses vagina

You have the same pic as me 'o'

125- ik lol I took it from u awhile back xD