By Kris - China
Today, at my workplace, a TV was installed just above my register at work which plays the same mind-numbingly awful 13 second ad on loop for the duration of our latest sale. The sale lasts for what are going to be three very long weeks. FML
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  jglenn88  |  0

fake a sickness sounds good. "cough cough im sick can't come into work today, hold on honey I'm talking to my boss I will walk the dog later"

  Jammy01jams  |  2

I have seen this exact same fml like three months ago.

  ReptarSwag  |  4

How the hell did this FML even get posted, it is the most fucking stupid one I've ever seen, I wrote better ones and heard better ones that didn't get posted

  chiddy_bang71  |  0

No illuminati talk. I come on fml for laughs. If I wanted to think about the illuminati I'd spend all night watching YouTube videos about them like I tend to do about once a month

  btnhdude  |  0

what if the illuminati want you to know of
to scare you and distract you.
and then if you talk to people about them
they'd think "paranoid nutbag"

or maybe the illuminati is your scapegoat
to what's happening.

weird shit!